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1. No pressing the Blue Button.
2. Seriously, no pressing the Blue Button.
3. OOC concerns about Storyteller policy shall be addressed privately with Storytellers, not publicly in Town Hall meetings.
4. Comments not from the host or moderator shall be kept to a minimum until question-and-answer time.
5. The Town Hall will have a Storyteller host and a Storyteller moderator. The host will address the audience and speak through each part of the schedule, as outlined in #6. The moderator will be responsible for (1) recording a chat log and formatting it for posting, (2) keeping a roll of attendees, (3) tallying votes, (4) moderating disputes, keeping the peace and keeping the meeting on-task, (5) managing questions during the Q&A.
6. The typical Town Hall schedule will be as follows: First, Old News. Second, Upcoming Issues. Third, Voting. Fourth, Question-and-Answer. Old News will provide a recap of what has happened so far. Upcoming Issues will tease upcoming events and provide direction for explorers. Voting will involve the group voting on one or more issues. Question-and-Answer will involve an opportunity for explorers to ask questions of Storytellers in an organized way and get answers. Suggestions for future story can also be made during this time, but should be made in an IC way.

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