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Storyteller Ruleset.

Storyteller Official Policies
1-3 clarify acceptable ways to interact with the rest of the community, as well as the Storytellers’ rights as players of the game
1. Non-Interference: Storytellers will not use story as a means to significantly interfere with established events that are unconnected to the story without the permission of those events’ leaders. “Established events” refers to events that have been scheduled beforehand and placed in a well-known public forum such as Minasunda’s cavern events Discord announcements or the Guild of Messengers calendar. “Significant interference” is the creation of new scenes or additions of the story. Significant interference does not include simply talking about the story unless a Storyteller is dominating the conversation; if players wish to ask a Storyteller or character about aspects of the story, or a Storyteller makes a comment or two about the story, this is not significant interference. If official story characters appear at events, they will not further the story in any major way but will simply attend these events as their characters, letting the focus remain on the event and not on their appearance.

2. Non-harassment: Storytellers will not repeatedly bother players with story who demonstrate that they are uninterested, through either action or inaction.

3. Request for Acceptance: Storytellers request an absence of discrimination from those not interested in the story. If a story event happens organically, in the absence of an established event, or if Storytellers promote the story during non-event times, they see this as their right as players of the game. They wish to allow others to play the game in their own way, but request this same right for themselves.

4-6 contain membership policies.
4. Open Enrollment: Any player may join the Storytellers. All that is required is the sponsorship of a single member.

5. Committee Approval: At this time it is requested that major story beats be run past the Cyan Lore Team and Storyteller Committee to ensure that new proposed story arcs are not in conflict with previously established story or planned story arcs.

6. Expulsion from the group may be effected if a member consistently breaks Storyteller Official Policies. Cases will be decided individually, but expulsion would require a majority of vote.

7-9 involve secrecy, transparency, and control of individual ideas
7. Storytellers will not reveal spoilers. A “spoiler” is defined as an aspect of the story which is planned but has not yet occurred on the forums or in-game. Storytellers should only discuss these matters with other members of the group, to preserve player enjoyment of the story.

8. Storytellers will respect each other’s creations. The creator of a character or story element is considered its owner, and that character or element should not be used without permission from the owner.

9. Storytellers may keep certain story threads secret from other Storytellers for greater security, but should exercise this privilege judiciously to avoid contradictions with others’ threads.

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