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Personal: Setup and… Wha??


Closed the fissure, thought I’d come in early to try and set up for recording, only to wind up finding watchers covered with near about 50 people already. (46 currently).

It’s 7:21. The event isn’t til 1300…. that’s six hours from now.

We certainly are an eager bunch, aren’t we?

I should see about getting breakfast somehow….

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Personal: Obsession

URU Obsession Hood. Good old mainstay of Cavern Culture for years… and for a long time since the last KI reset, I was one of its only active stewards. Not anymore.

As life really returns to the cavern, so too does life return to UO. 20 members now. 20! It’s a far cry from the days when we were 400+ strong, but…

It feels good.

We did a lot of Door Runs tonight. Saw quite a few familiar faces. Helped a bunch of people Join/Rejoin URU Obsession…

It feels good in a way I haven’t felt in a long time. Like some parts of the world finally make sense again.

Tomorrow’s going to be a big day.

I need to close that Star Fissure before anything else.

8/20/2020-Official Barrier Removal and Patrick Visit.

Greydragon showed up in Watchers for a short while, spoke off KI while testing some sound acoustics, then absconded citing social distance rules.

I went to eat dinner, and when I came back, Chogon was there and had removed the barriers.

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Site Changes

Added a calendar to the bottom of the site, and while I’d LIKE to place it somewhere else on the page than the bottom of the page… BAH. WordPress won’t let me move it for this template. How annoying.

I’ve also added some pages to the top of the site. About Author, Contact, and Cavern Etiquette. I’m only mentioning this because if this site gets super long those are probably the easiest pages to find the calendar on to navigate to specific posts.

Recent Events Of August 1st-18th


I never thought this day would come. Greetings, all, I am Calum Traveler, and today I’m writing this post to express to you all something new that’s happening within our homely Cavern of D’ni.

New Ages have been announced to be unveiled on Friday, August 21st, at 1300 KI Time.

The following post is a recap of major announcements earlier in the month as well as today, the day I’m posting this new blog at something of a rather rapid fire pace. Please forgive the dust as I work on trying to make this place look okay.

Earlier this month at the August All Guilds Meeting, Patrick Dulebohn appeared and gave an announcement. You can read the established chat log here. Following this announcement came Mysterium, during which no announcement was made regarding the status of the Cavern.

Earlier today, 8/18/2020, barriers were finally observed as being put up within the Watchers Pub.

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