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constantly a soul marches onward
downwards like the water flowing
coils and coils, seeking downwards
between roots in rows, knowing,

the bones lay bleached in flames
and the soul stands there, silently.
i approach as the blaze yet tamed,
and they say to me, obediently.
‘i am but the sun in the sky, and i fall yet to rise’
‘i climb and i fall so i try, but no other course advised.’

and though the tree looms tall,
far do its roots reach deep.
spiral the pathway does fall
and of their fate i do weep.

soon the flames turn to ash, and we stare
stare at the remains of a tree once proud
a shadow looms beyond, holding a glare,
and to the wandering soul, do i say aloud,
‘you are the sun, and you are the heir.’
‘breath not of the poisoned air.’


Image of Elonin garden room, within which a Maintainer Suited individual sits at a bench. The text reads “HARD DAY AT WORK?” On top in green, below, in the corner, it says “Unwind in The ELONIN Neighborhood”

The D’ni Neighborhood Elonin was released on 4/29/22, worked on by Dulcamara and Ametist.

Elonin, meaning “elevated” in D’ni, is a pair of elevated apartments somewhere in the D’ni Cavern, overlooking the lake.