[NOTE: This page is OOC]

Okay, so, what’s this whole ‘IC’ and ‘OOC’ thing about. It’s not quite the same as “In Character” and “Out Of Character” as we’ve seen elsewhere in roleplay games.

For URU, IC means “In Cavern,” and OOC means “Out Of Cavern” which are essentially the same things as the Character versions, but a bit different.

By being In Cavern, one is acting as if everything they see in URU, in the game, is Real Life, and are participating in the universe directly. They are themselves, or the character they are playing, entirely as they would be within the Real Cavern of D’ni.

By being Out of Cavern, one is acting as it is. The Game URU is the Game URU and they treat the game as a game. Talks about crashes and glitches and such.

Generally it’s assumed that any talk about the game is OOC and is either ignored, or questioned as something odd and not understood properly.

This Blog as a whole is considered IC- In Cavern- as it is dealing with events within the game that themselves are presented as IC, with the Cavern being real, and everything being presented within it as real life.

All the Myst games save for URU itself exist in this state, as do the Novels. They were made based on adaptations of Journals recovered, and journeys experienced.

There is some natural blurring between IC and OOC within the game. To use a recent example, the Skydivers group, OOC, are people who climb on terrain in a visibly sort of glitchy sort of way to escape out of the world or get to places they couldn’t otherwise. Skydivers, IC, are a group of people who climb on terrain and find their ways through cracks in structures to get to places where they couldn’t otherwise.

It’s the same behavior, just presented through a different lens. This sort of thing can apply to other facets of life within the Cavern. As another example: a Network 6 Error OOCly is a crash of the game, but could be explained away as a KI crash ICly.

As seen with the barrier incident with the Watchers Pub, OOCly it seems something went wrong with the SDL states that caused things to be flicked active, whether that was intentionally done by someone or just an accident of game code doesn’t matter, the states were improperly changed causing the barriers to vanish and a linking book to appear. ICly, however, as Patrick explained it, it’s just a prank someone pulled with a fake book and it’s not safe to do that in a construction zone.

Generally, every facet of URU as a game has an IC and OOC explanation. I’ll be trying to excise OOC remarks from chatlogs as best as I can when I post them. Because in the end, this blog will be remaining IC outside of this page explaining things.

To TL;DR this: When events are happening treating the Cavern as *real,* remarks about URU’s game-nature are generally ignored or questioned as not making sense.

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