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Realizations On Subjects…

You never realize how intricate something is until you’re coming headlong into the realization that there is NO OFFICIAL EXPLANATION for how a certain piece of technology is *actually read*. oh sure there’s explanations about how the mechanics work, but how do you actually *read it* and *where* do you start reading it? What isContinue reading “Realizations On Subjects…”

missed a few entries.

Whoops. It’s been a busy week. couple of weeks! Earlier, Pod Hopper had this week’s Relaxing Session in Tsogal to mark spring, and today, Fil held his usual live broadcast in GoMePub. I’ve also been having a few chats here and there with Explorers in the city. Last Week, we had the St.Patricks Day paradeContinue reading “missed a few entries.”

Fil Live, Technical Issues, Door Runs

Had some technical issues with the GoMePub lower Imager this morning, as well as a mass KI-Network 6 Error disconnect for everyone in the pub at one point. Seems the system’s a tad unstable this morning. Hopefully it’ll sort itself out before too long. Fil did his usual streaming thing on Street Jelly, in theContinue reading “Fil Live, Technical Issues, Door Runs”