ARCHIVE: Email, Patrick, Redacted, New Ages.

To: [Redacted] From: Patrick Dulebohn [e-mail redacted] Date: April 30, 2021 Subject: Serene and beyond [name redacted], I’m just dropping you a line to let you know that, after those last couple of false starts, we’ll soon be reopening Serene in the next few days. From what I can tell, the worst of the weatherContinue reading “ARCHIVE: Email, Patrick, Redacted, New Ages.”

Log: Calum, Jules, Rarified in Chiso

Had a nice long sit in and talk with Rarified and Jules about various things. I rambled a bit about the Island for a bit. [NOTE: The Log has been edited slightly for OOC content, as well as to remove buddy chat and on surface messages, but I may have missed a bit here orContinue reading “Log: Calum, Jules, Rarified in Chiso”

Might as well make it official.

Well, I completely forgot to mention that I’m now officially helping the Explorer Restoration group out. I made mention in one of my journals but I forgot to mention it here on the blog. If you’ve seen me about lately wearing a DRC vest it’s because I’ve been feeling punny about helping out with stuffContinue reading “Might as well make it official.”

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