Personal: Antonym

AS an aside to Patrick asking what the opposite of an Exodus is… there’s a lot of Antonyms. I’ve looked it up. There are a few that I’m partial to… “Advent,” “Landfall,” “Influx”… But Marten suggested to me that Yeesha’s word of choice would be “Returning.” And honestly, I can’t think of anything better.

PERSONAL: Reflection.

Spent some time in the new Messenger’s Pub after the release. It was fun, getting to hang out and chat with people face to face like this. It was like Mysterium, except in D’ni. This place could make for a nice secondary con-room in future Mysteriums like this year. Something about the air down hereContinue reading “PERSONAL: Reflection.”

8/21/20- Patrick’s Speech, trimmed, and raw chatlog.

Shorah to all of you, new faces and familiar! We stand here today to take part in what many of us regard as a truly momentous occasion. After ten thousand years of history, a catastrophic event that nearly destroyed it, and three halted restoration efforts, D’ni has lain mostly dormant for many years now. We,Continue reading “8/21/20- Patrick’s Speech, trimmed, and raw chatlog.”

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