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[IMAGE ID: Kelsei stands on a metal bridge, peering out into a cool blue jungle environment, with trees, and lanterns dotting the way. The text “Intangible Dreams, Potential Realized…” hovers above her. Near the bottom of the card, just off center to the right side of the image, is the name of the age, KALAMEE.]Continue reading “KALAMEE AGE RELEASE”


Fahets is the first Age Written by explorer Keith Lord that has made its way into the public eye. The first known Explorer Written Age (Dating back to the Early 2000s), Fahets’s Highgarden area served as a council getaway for Keith’s group, The Third Path which arose during the First DRC Restoration in response toContinue reading “AGE RELEASE: FAHETS: HIGHGARDEN”

Eder Naybree Released

The Age of Eder Naybree was released at 9:45 AM on Friday, September 9th, 2022. Restored by Calum Traveler and Kelsei Taylor, the Age was originally gifted as a retirement gift to a prominent Guild Master, being written during the time of the “Garden Binge.” Afterwards, it passed around many private collections before settling inContinue reading “Eder Naybree Released”