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About The Author

So. Who am I?

I am Calum Traveler. You may or may not know that name from my time in the Cavern.

Probably my biggest claim to fame is that I’m the one that Carl Palmner roped into starting Heritage Night, and who ran it for three years after. It was those efforts that helped bring The Heritage Documents Journal about and into being, atleast in part.

I also ran a Help Desk and Snack Station in the Tokotah Plaza during that time, which you may also know me from. Other than that, I’m pretty much not that much of a known name, I don’t think. The effort burnt me out, too, and I’ve spent a long time away from the Cavern since, though, with things beginning to resume, I’ve felt the Call to return once again.

I was aware of the events happening, vaguely, in 2003 to 2004 onwards as events in D’ni happened, and was there personally for a lot of it from 2006 on to present day.

I’m mostly just a historian, and I’m writing this blog as a means of keeping track of things as they happen in Cavern right now. I’m sure there are others doing the same, but, the more sources the merrier, am I right?

If you don’t know me from The Cavern, and follow me from, say, my fiction writing on AO3, then, well. This is a bit different from that and it’s a bit more historical and down to earth than anything else I’ve written for.

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