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Back to the Cavern.

Well. That was a break.

My experiments with the Vertigo Crystals sent me going off on a wayward tumble into the unknown- and a first contact scenario that was already unfolding without our realizing.

The people of Rei’schu are certainly unique. If there was one way I had to put to the culture as a whole, it’s “classical adventure game world with a dash of dark-souls boss mechanics” which, uh. Let’s just say seeing a giraffe sized mountain lion getting taken down by a lone Huntress is… as exactly how you’d imagine seeing it in reality, instead of on a video game screen.

Runa’mei has my respect for confronting that thing without flinching.

There’s a lot I have to break down regarding the things I saw there, but that’s going to have to wait for another day, because I’ve got work to dive into right away. Freaking Overflow Station got sabotaged again.

Inspection work is long overdue. Let’s see what I can figure out, eh?

_Calum Traveler

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