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Late Night Catchup

I write this late at night, yawning, and near ready to go to bed, wondering where exactly this month has gone?

Gone into Naybree; gone into other tests of things like the Wall, or the KI; gone into… well. Putting Direbo on hold would be putting it mildly, I suppose. Those massive stone pillars are still a major concern of mine. One wrong nudge and they all come tumbling down. Why did the D’ni write ages like this? For the spectacle, I’d imagine.

Prophecy is a thing I never thought I’d write much about. Sophia’s prophecy earlier at the AGM this month was followed up by Echo Mckenzie having a vision of the past that very same day. It’s been somewhat the talk of the Cavern, though with normal amounts of skepticism.

Cue Jules and Ed-K-James finding a man in the Ae’gura Library, well past the usual stopping point. Guy wore a Yeesha Shirt, but had no memory of anything- let alone D’ni, or his name. It got pulled from the KI- wrecked as it is- one Benavud by name.

Tiernan’s got him on observation for the time being. I’ve had a poke at the KI a few times, seeing if I can atleast transfer the User ID, name registration, and age ownership to a new device. Had some mild successes with that. Just wishing folks would stay away from disaster, like Wayne.

Kelsei ran a check with the community- nobody’s heard of Benavud, and he’s not been registered on any work crews or on any networked KIs. So, ‘Benny’ here is one of those quiet explorers who never interacts with folks, evidently. Scharm’s run into a few folks like that from time to time, so I’m not surprised.

Hazado’s poking around Watcher’s Pub’s imager again- seems like we’ve got it working in Testing states. If only the same could be said for the Nexus’ population counter. Apparently there’s a reason the DRC never hooked up the Guild Pubs or K’veer to read how many people were there- and the reason seems to be they never figured out how to do it, leaving us to pick up the slack, potentially never to figure it out either.

Gotta love old D’ni tech, I guess.

Naybree’s probably getting close to completion, though folks are rightly worried over the cracks in the walls where the roots have burst forth from- myself included. Honestly, don’t know what to do with any of that right now. Kelsei’s Uncle’s been over this weekend so I haven’t been able to chat with her much about any of this stuff. Family takes priority, yknow?

And speaking of Wayne, Wayne’s back. Had a chat with him the other night. He’s got a new Relto, courtesy of the Cleft. Apparently he’s thinking of bringing folks down on tourist runs? Honestly, just what we need- more people running around down here when there’s plenty of folks running around unknown.

I feel all scatter brained. Is there anything else I haven’t written down lately?

…Oh, right, yeah. Something Jules said after Sophia’s prophecy’s been rattling around the back of my brain. Wavelengths. It’s about Wavelengths. I think the Vertigo Crystals might have some kind of wavelength based communication system. I mean, duh- all sound is wavelength based so sound based communication would be the same, but I’m thinking about, like, the concept of energy wavelengths- light and electrical impulses.

It COULD be possible the crystal experiments I was doing earlier last year resulted in some kind of… wavelength attunement in my brain, possibly? It’s not exactly something we can check but considering the altered states of awareness I’ve had, plus the danged Poems!

…And considering the concussion healed up implausibly entirely…

But all of that aside, I’m not conducting any experiments until Murry and Tiernan are ready for such a thing- and Murry’s still setting up his desk down in Chiso’s basement, so… that could be a while, I suppose.

We’ve all got a lot on our plates right now.

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