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Ae’gura: Wayne’s Return

[Chatlog provided by Calum Traveler and Jules Lavisham, spliced together to cover missing moments.]

(10/25 14:22:29) Chat.log started…
(10/25 14:56:11) Calum Traveler peers out over the lake, squinting…
(10/25 14:57:34) aurora96co: ‘:)
(10/25 14:58:32) aurora96co: Hi Bozodo and Wayne!
(10/25 14:58:35) Calum Traveler: shorah, wayne! i see you on KI, so you must be in range of the Island now,
(10/25 14:59:32) Calum Traveler ponders if the KI signal is reaching or not…
(10/25 15:00:55) Calum Traveler: hm, no response, probably still a bit far out
(10/25 15:01:09) Calum Traveler: that, or busy rowing >>;
(10/25 15:01:24) aurora96co: Yes, maybe
(10/25 15:02:13) To Buddies: shorah, Haz, Jules!
(10/25 15:02:27) Calum Traveler waves hello
(10/25 15:02:31) Calum Traveler: shorah, Hazado 🙂
(10/25 15:02:42) Hazado: Shorah!
(10/25 15:02:45) Hazado waves hello
(10/25 15:02:48) aurora96co: Hi Hazado!
(10/25 15:02:56) From Jules Lavisham in Jules Lavisham’s Relto: Hello hello!
(10/25 15:03:05) Calum Traveler: shorah, Aurelias 🙂
(10/25 15:03:06) Hazado: Hello Aurora96co
(10/25 15:03:09) To Jules Lavisham in Jules Lavisham’s Relto: we’re down at ferry docks
(10/25 15:03:13) Aurelias: shorah Calum :))
(10/25 15:03:22) aurora96co: hi aurelias 🙂
(10/25 15:03:31) Aurelias: shorah aurora :))
(10/25 15:03:47) Calum Traveler: looks like Jules is on his way.
(10/25 15:04:05) From Jules Lavisham in Jules Lavisham’s Nexus: On my way
(10/25 15:04:13) Calum Traveler: Wayne’s been in range of Ae’gura for a few minutes now, but no response on KI.
(10/25 15:04:25) Calum Traveler: im guessing either too far out for chat range, or too busy rowing
(10/25 15:04:32) Hazado: Could just be rowing
(10/25 15:04:41) Calum Traveler: yeah, that’s the most likely assumption
(10/25 15:04:49) Calum Traveler: shorah, Jules
(10/25 15:04:58) Hazado: Probably didnt hear the beeping over the noise
(10/25 15:05:02) Calum Traveler: probably, yes
(10/25 15:05:06) Calum Traveler: or the blinking for that matter 😛
(10/25 15:05:17) Jules Lavisham: Evening Cal! Evening Haz.
(10/25 15:05:26) Calum Traveler: hope you’ve had a good day, Jules,
(10/25 15:05:37) Hazado: Hello Jules
(10/25 15:05:53) Calum Traveler checks KI again…
(10/25 15:05:55) Jules Lavisham: Bit of a crazy one. Trains on the surface are not as reliable as linking books.
(10/25 15:06:02) aurora96co: does the KI make a sound when a chat message arrives?
(10/25 15:06:10) Calum Traveler: understandable, Jules
(10/25 15:06:25) Calum Traveler: sometimes, depends on the user’s settings i believe 😉
(10/25 15:06:39) Jules Lavisham: The double indignity of having my last one cancelled AND being forced to pay to travel during peak times.
(10/25 15:06:40) Calum Traveler: it definitely blinks at you, though, when you get certain message types
(10/25 15:07:03) Calum Traveler: ah, yeah, that can be annoying,
(10/25 15:07:06) aurora96co: Mm i see
(10/25 15:07:17) Jules Lavisham: There will be strongly worded tweets hurled at Southern’s vicinity, I can tell you.
(10/25 15:07:19) From Hazado: Hmm does it make noise…though it did 😛
(10/25 15:07:36) To Hazado: like i said, i think it’s up to the user’s personal settings

(10/25 15:07:36) Jules Lavisham: Anyway anyway. What news of our seafaring fellow?
(10/25 15:07:42) To Hazado: much like a phone in that regard 😛
(10/25 15:07:54) Calum Traveler: he’s been in Age range for about… 7-10 minutes now?
(10/25 15:08:06) Calum Traveler: unresponsive to messages, so probably just rowing in
(10/25 15:08:22) Calum Traveler: it didnt sound like he had a motor boat, inflatable or otherwise.
(10/25 15:08:43) Jules Lavisham: Ah yes, he’s come up on range for me as well.
(10/25 15:08:47) Calum Traveler: and given subtle wind or water currents… paddling can be tricky.
(10/25 15:09:19) Calum Traveler: if there’s one thing that i had reinforced as a lesson this last week, it’s that there’s some unexpected currents in places, very strong at times.
(10/25 15:09:39) Calum Traveler: some strange air flows, too.
(10/25 15:09:45) Wayne Todd: It’s a canoe, and it’s a miracle it made it here at all at the rate it was filling with water!
(10/25 15:09:46) Jules Lavisham: Mmm. Got to keep your wits about you on that water.
(10/25 15:09:54) Hazado: Ahh, Wayne!
(10/25 15:09:58) Calum Traveler: ah! wayne! good to hear you!
(10/25 15:10:15) Calum Traveler looks around for a bit
(10/25 15:10:18) Wayne Todd: And you as well! Just arrived, on my way over.
(10/25 15:10:27) Calum Traveler: where’d you pull up at?
(10/25 15:10:33) Calum Traveler: i didnt see your boat come in.
(10/25 15:10:52) Wayne Todd: There’s a hole in the rock wall beyond the gate by the Bahro stone down at the ferry terminal
(10/25 15:10:57) Calum Traveler: oh, there you are!
(10/25 15:11:00) Jules Lavisham: Aha, there he is!
(10/25 15:11:07) Calum Traveler waves hello
(10/25 15:11:11) Wayne Todd waves hello

(10/25 15:11:16) Jules Lavisham: Welcome back, Mr Todd.
(10/25 15:11:19) Wayne Todd: Good to see you!
(10/25 15:11:28) Wayne Todd: Thank you very much, good to be back. Quite an eventful trip, I must say.
(10/25 15:11:32) Calum Traveler: you gave us quite a scare when that Relto Book washed up,
(10/25 15:11:34) Jules Lavisham: I must say you gave us all quite the worry for a time.
(10/25 15:11:37) Calum Traveler: we had no idea who it belonged to.
(10/25 15:11:40) Wayne Todd: Wait, it washed up?
(10/25 15:11:45) Calum Traveler: yes, here at the docks,
(10/25 15:11:48) Calum Traveler: Briggs fished it out
(10/25 15:11:53) Jules Lavisham: Not in the best of condition.
(10/25 15:11:55) Wayne Todd: This whole time I thought it was gone forever!
(10/25 15:12:02) Calum Traveler: well, about that…
(10/25 15:12:12) Calum Traveler: it didnt really survive the trip.
(10/25 15:12:42) Wayne Todd: Ah well… I should have expected as much. I didn’t mean to worry anyone, though. Thought that the poor thing sank right off the bat
(10/25 15:12:56) Calum Traveler: must’ve gotten caught by a current and dragged here
(10/25 15:13:09) Calum Traveler: that was about Tuesday, that it happened, I think?
(10/25 15:13:15) Calum Traveler: Monday or Tuesday,
(10/25 15:13:32) Jules Lavisham: Lucky thing, that, else we wouldn’t even have thought to start searching.
(10/25 15:13:37) Hazado: Glad I was able to get ahold of you
(10/25 15:13:43) Wayne Todd: I lost it on Monday… you never really know how much you’ll miss it until it’s gone, I tell you that.
(10/25 15:13:55) Wayne Todd: Me too, Haz. I would have reached out sooner if I thought it would make its way back here
(10/25 15:14:03) Calum Traveler: that’s a relief that you weren’t stranded for long.
(10/25 15:14:15) Calum Traveler: or at all, really. I suppose.
(10/25 15:14:18) Wayne Todd: I left prepared!
(10/25 15:14:24) Wayne Todd: Boyscouts finally good for something
(10/25 15:14:32) Calum Traveler: still, next time maybe tell your friends you’re going somewhere specific beyond, ah, ‘on a camping trip’? 😛
(10/25 15:14:47) Calum Traveler: everyone thought you were on the Surface until you messaged us.
(10/25 15:14:54) Wayne Todd: That’s fair enough, I will be sure to do that in the future.
(10/25 15:14:57) Thumbs up from Calum Traveler
(10/25 15:15:10) Wayne Todd: I think you’ll be excited with what I’ve found
(10/25 15:15:17) Jules Lavisham: Were your explorations fruitful?
(10/25 15:15:28) Hazado: I know I am! Lay it on me, what did you find?
(10/25 15:15:32) Wayne Todd: Pretty much every sample I took confirmed your findings here, the algea is alive, recovering more than we thought based on the light levels in the cavern
(10/25 15:16:02) Calum Traveler nods, humming thoughtfully…
(10/25 15:16:11) Jules Lavisham: Oh my.
(10/25 15:16:27) Wayne Todd: The equipment I was surveying seems to be for the regulation of the algea’s food, if we could get it working again it would be a tremendous boon towards the goal of restoring the day/night cycle in the cavern.
(10/25 15:16:53) Wayne Todd: That said, it’s a heavy lift. It’s going to take a lot of bodies and a good deal of time to make headway with how gummed up those works are.
(10/25 15:17:03) Wayne Todd: A swift kick got the gears to move through a single rotation, but that was about it.
(10/25 15:17:03) Calum Traveler: if i remember right Laxman mentioned something about safety systems, back in the day, so that’s good to know it’s there.
(10/25 15:17:32) Calum Traveler: yeah, we probably shouldnt be moving heavy machinery with our hands and feet. >>;
(10/25 15:17:44) Calum Traveler: there’s probably some official starting mechanisms somewhere, just gotta repair ’em.
(10/25 15:17:53) Wayne Todd: I think the biggest bit of news is that all of our efforts with feeding the lake haven’t been for nothing. We’re CLOSE!
(10/25 15:18:12) Wayne Todd: Maybe even mere months away, I can’t say for sure, but it’s very exciting
(10/25 15:18:22) Calum Traveler: indeed, I think a lot of folks will be glad to hear it.
(10/25 15:18:23) Jules Lavisham: That’s going to be a major shot in the arm for the other explorers.
(10/25 15:18:37) Calum Traveler: more so, seeing it, once it happens.
(10/25 15:18:42) Wayne Todd nods his head
(10/25 15:19:07) Wayne Todd: With enough volunteers we can accomplish this!
(10/25 15:19:17) Calum Traveler gazes out at the arch for a very long moment…
(10/25 15:19:32) Calum Traveler: Volunteers, and time, for sure.
(10/25 15:19:41) Wayne Todd nods his head
(10/25 15:20:02) Calum Traveler: We’ll have to see how much work the place needs… gonna have to get a proper survey team out there, unless you’ve got notes on that?
(10/25 15:20:27) Calum Traveler leans against the railing,
(10/25 15:20:28) Wayne Todd: I’m not sure if they fit the definition of a “proper survey”, but I’ll pass along what I have.
(10/25 15:20:34) Calum Traveler: every bit helps.
(10/25 15:20:42) Wayne Todd: After a real meal and a warm bath, that is
(10/25 15:20:53) Calum Traveler: aye, i can imagine it’s been a long week for you as well
(10/25 15:21:07) Calum Traveler: you need a lift to the Surface, right?
(10/25 15:21:11) Wayne Todd: Speaking of… without my Relto, I’m a bit stuck down here. Unless, can one of you help me out? I’ve got the Jeep parked just outside the cleft.
(10/25 15:21:21) Calum Traveler: yeah, i’ll give you a lift,
(10/25 15:21:25) Calum Traveler: i can get you your old Relto, too
(10/25 15:21:27) Calum Traveler: if you want it still
(10/25 15:21:37) Wayne Todd: Might as well, that’ll be another problem to address down the line for sure
(10/25 15:21:54) Calum Traveler: 🙂 of course.
(10/25 15:21:59) Wayne Todd: Thanks very much for the help, I’ll be in touch with the info you need
(10/25 15:22:02) Hazado: Maybe Zandi knows something, bet he has a few spares stashed
(10/25 15:22:08) Calum Traveler: im sure Zandi can help with that,
(10/25 15:22:14) Calum Traveler: give a knock at the trailer, you never know…
(10/25 15:22:18) Wayne Todd: Good point! I’ll have to speak with him
(10/25 15:22:28) Calum Traveler: whenever you’re ready, I’ll give you a ride. 🙂
(10/25 15:22:33) Wayne Todd: And thanks Hazado for reaching out while I was out there
(10/25 15:22:39) Wayne Todd: I’m all set, let’s do it!
(10/25 15:22:54) Hazado nods his head

[Calum Shares Relto, Wayne Links out.]

(10/25 15:23:20) Calum Traveler: ill be in GoMepub after i get him settled
(10/25 15:23:29) Jules Lavisham: Roger that.

[Calum Links out.]

(10/25 15:23:54) Jules Lavisham: Blimey… the algae… this is a bit of a game changer.
(10/25 15:24:23) Hazado: Yes, makes me want to make some pellets right now
(10/25 15:24:33) Jules Lavisham: Oh absolutely.
(10/25 15:25:09) Jules Lavisham: Word of this definitely needs to get out.
(10/25 15:25:41) Jules Lavisham: It’ll certainly spark a resurgence in pellet making
(10/25 15:26:03) Hazado: I think the lake getting brighter might help as well, been in this twilight for so long
(10/25 15:26:11) From Calum Traveler in Messengers’ Pub – Ae’gura: alright, i’ve gotten wayne sent on to the Cleft. Time for a glass of milk. XD
(10/25 15:26:32) Jules Lavisham lowers his head in thought
(10/25 15:26:46) aurora96co points
(10/25 15:27:07) Jules Lavisham: Hmmm… wonder if it will be worth adding an extra line or two to the Kirel podium…
(10/25 15:27:07) Hazado: alright, im heading back to the surface myself

[Calum links in]

(10/25 15:27:25) Jules Lavisham: Ok Haz. Sounds like Cal’s headed to the pub.
(10/25 15:27:33) Calum Traveler: oop.
(10/25 15:27:35) Jules Lavisham: … scratch that.
(10/25 15:27:35) Scharminius: He’s here now. 🙂
(10/25 15:27:36) Calum Traveler: lol
(10/25 15:27:43) Calum Traveler: yeah, i grabbed myself a glass and came back
(10/25 15:27:52) Calum Traveler hefts a mug of milk and takes a long sip
(10/25 15:27:57) Jules Lavisham: Haha, excellent.
(10/25 15:28:04) Jules Lavisham: I myself came prepared.

(10/25 15:28:13) Calum Traveler: well, that was a conclusion for a very strange week, I suppose.
(10/25 15:28:20) Jules Lavisham takes a long draw from a hip-flask
(10/25 15:28:26) Hazado: Calum, ill see you later. Ive got an appointment on the surface unfortunately
(10/25 15:28:27) Calum Traveler: hope Zandi can help Wayne sort out that Relto issue.
(10/25 15:28:30) Calum Traveler: alright, later, haz
(10/25 15:28:31) Calum Traveler: take care
(10/25 15:28:32) Calum Traveler waves goodbye
(10/25 15:28:38) Jules Lavisham: See you around Haz
(10/25 15:28:44) To Hazado: good luck
(10/25 15:29:05) Jules Lavisham: Right. Lot to unpack, there.
(10/25 15:29:13) Calum Traveler: im gonna give a quick once over of my temp sampling equipment,
(10/25 15:29:21) Calum Traveler: i kinda left it in a state waiting for Wayne to row in…
(10/25 15:29:42) Calum Traveler kneels down…
(10/25 15:29:53) Calum Traveler double checks the temporary securing braces…
(10/25 15:30:05) Calum Traveler: hopefully we can get the Lake Dalek put back in and working
(10/25 15:30:20) Calum Traveler: Hazado’s been dealing with that end of things,
(10/25 15:30:22) Jules Lavisham: Ah, that old thing. Yes, working would be ideal.
(10/25 15:30:29) Calum Traveler: i’m getting a little tired of manually running these tests 😛
(10/25 15:30:40) Jules Lavisham: Right now it’s not much use except for photo ops.
(10/25 15:30:48) Calum Traveler: yep,
(10/25 15:30:59) Calum Traveler: hopefully the display can be gotten working again,
(10/25 15:31:06) Calum Traveler: last few times I’ve checked progress there it’s been turned off.
(10/25 15:31:18) Calum Traveler: which really is an improvement from how the DRC had it. 😛
(10/25 15:31:39) Jules Lavisham shudders in recollection
(10/25 15:31:45) Calum Traveler thinks everything is in order here…
(10/25 15:31:52) Calum Traveler tightens down the bolts just in case…
(10/25 15:32:15) Calum Traveler stands and wipes off hands on pants…
(10/25 15:32:24) Jules Lavisham: Jobs a good’un?
(10/25 15:32:30) Calum Traveler: it’ll hold for now.
(10/25 15:32:40) Calum Traveler drapes disguise tarp over it again.
(10/25 15:32:55) Calum Traveler: hopefully nobody’ll mess with it until we get the Dalek back in.
(10/25 15:33:10) Jules Lavisham: Fingers crossed.
(10/25 15:33:40) Calum Traveler stands at the railing and gazes at the Arch again…
(10/25 15:33:54) Jules Lavisham: Must admit, seeing that old thing light up…
(10/25 15:34:04) Calum Traveler: yknow, some days it doesnt feel like we’ve been here all that long…
(10/25 15:34:16) Calum Traveler: then other days you realize it’s been years.
(10/25 15:34:50) Calum Traveler: D’ni’s been such a grand, important part of my life and it’s strange to think we’re all still here doing things.
(10/25 15:35:08) Calum Traveler: we’ve come a long way, and got a long ways more to go.
(10/25 15:35:30) Calum Traveler sighs, nostalgic…
(10/25 15:35:48) Jules Lavisham: Long periods of stability, then sudden bursts of chaotic change.
(10/25 15:35:59) Calum Traveler: mmh.
(10/25 15:35:59) Jules Lavisham: That was what Atrus said, right?
(10/25 15:36:07) Calum Traveler: something along those lines.
(10/25 15:36:37) Calum Traveler: the D’ni certainly built things to last, but even they couldn’t fullproof against time.
(10/25 15:36:45) Jules Lavisham: I don’t know about you, but I reckon we’re due a spot of change around about now.
(10/25 15:36:52) Calum Traveler: mmhm,
(10/25 15:37:20) Calum Traveler: I new, fresh outlook on things,
(10/25 15:37:37) Calum Traveler: a new, kinda bright look….
(10/25 15:37:38) Calum Traveler: heh
(10/25 15:38:07) Jules Lavisham: A new light, one might say.
(10/25 15:38:17) Calum Traveler: hah, yes, to harp on that old adage,
(10/25 15:39:02) Calum Traveler sips at mug of milk…
(10/25 15:39:26) Jules Lavisham: Right. Where to go from here…
(10/25 15:39:31) Calum Traveler: where indeed?
(10/25 15:39:42) Calum Traveler: survey work, restoration work,
(10/25 15:39:44) Calum Traveler: Descent,
(10/25 15:39:51) Calum Traveler tilts head slightly
(10/25 15:39:57) Jules Lavisham: Once the word gets out, there’ll be an uptick in pellet manufacture
(10/25 15:40:02) Calum Traveler: oh, for sure,
(10/25 15:40:18) Calum Traveler: we should probably try and get that station working if it’s tied into the D’ni’s security systems
(10/25 15:40:32) Calum Traveler: dont want a major spike damaging things
(10/25 15:40:34) Jules Lavisham: Have to make sure any rush doesn’t upset the activity being reported
(10/25 15:40:39) Jules Lavisham: Quite so
(10/25 15:41:08) Calum Traveler sighs, tiredly,
(10/25 15:41:20) Jules Lavisham: Hmm. I’m wondering… the Kirel podium…
(10/25 15:41:34) Calum Traveler: yeah, we may need to update that recording before it goes out.
(10/25 15:41:40) Jules Lavisham: When are we aiming for that to go live?
(10/25 15:41:51) Calum Traveler: not sure,
(10/25 15:42:02) Calum Traveler: i think there’s a minor KI OS update due to go out next month?
(10/25 15:42:05) Calum Traveler: not sure when,
(10/25 15:42:28) Calum Traveler: i’ll have to check in with Patrick, maybe,
(10/25 15:42:59) Jules Lavisham: I’ll see if Tyion can turnaround a couple of extra lines
(10/25 15:43:05) Calum Traveler nods
(10/25 15:43:44) Jules Lavisham: Won’t need anything too substantial, we’ve already covered the general observations from earlier in the month
(10/25 15:44:02) Calum Traveler: yeah, shouldnt need much
(10/25 15:44:16) Calum Traveler mumbles something about ‘tiny changes, big ripples’
(10/25 15:44:29) Jules Lavisham: But definitely some acknowledgement of Wayne’s findings
(10/25 15:44:33) Calum Traveler: indeed,
(10/25 15:44:51) Calum Traveler: it’s a likely a very significant find, to say the least
(10/25 15:45:20) Calum Traveler: I’ll probably have to give a statement at the AGM reminding folks about being safe,
(10/25 15:45:33) Calum Traveler scratches at the back of their head…
(10/25 15:46:04) Calum Traveler: guh, i really hope Korovev’s found a replacement moderator for this month,
(10/25 15:46:11) Calum Traveler: im not relishing going on stage again.
(10/25 15:46:49) Jules Lavisham: Never a fun thing.
(10/25 15:47:00) Calum Traveler: yeah.
(10/25 15:47:10) Jules Lavisham: Still, I’ll take explorers over my students any day.
(10/25 15:47:14) Calum Traveler starts to laugh
(10/25 15:47:45) Calum Traveler: im not sure how to take that,
(10/25 15:47:53) Calum Traveler: are you saying we’re more well behaved than a room full of students?
(10/25 15:48:39) Jules Lavisham: Clearly it has been a LONG time since your last fresher’s week.
(10/25 15:48:57) Calum Traveler smiles weakly,
(10/25 15:48:59) Calum Traveler: something like that.,
(10/25 15:49:25) Jules Lavisham: Anyway, speaking of, I’ve got some tutorial prep up topwards to finish up for tomorrow.
(10/25 15:49:31) Calum Traveler: heh, alright,
(10/25 15:49:35) Calum Traveler: have a good night, Jules,
(10/25 15:49:40) Calum Traveler waves goodbye
(10/25 15:49:44) Jules Lavisham: You too, Cal.
(10/25 15:49:56) Jules Lavisham: Interesting times, as they say…
(10/25 15:49:58) Calum Traveler: aye, aye
(10/25 15:50:00) Jules Lavisham waves goodbye
(10/25 15:50:19) Calum Traveler exhales…
(10/25 15:50:22) …Chat.log stopped.

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