Field Journal: Entry 10-5-21

[This entry is copied from Calum’s Descent Field Journal.]

KI Update went live this morning. Made it through a Relaxation Session without issue.


Gave Descent a quick survey this afternoon. Nothing new worth reporting. I need to give it a more thorough checkover later today.

Ran into Jules’ friend Ed Kensington-James tonight by sheer accident in one of the DRC hoods when I went to check in on the nightly gathering.

First time meeting the guy. Good to finally have a face to the name! Jules has talked a lot about him to me in private.
Jules has told me Ed’s a D’ni Translator, of some talent. I’d imagine he and Kelsei would get along well.

In other news, today’s update to the KI systems seems to have stablized things finally.
If this holds up through the week to the weekend, I think we’ve likely got the Network issues squashed.

Gonna give Descent a more thorough trip now. Hopefully shouldn’t run into any issues tonight.

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