10/1/21 – October Spookies.

[This text copied from Calum’s Cathedral journal. Photos original to this post.]


In the midst of the ongoing Network issues, I’ve gotten a second, cycling lake light sample, as of yesterday.

Tests between the two samples show that there’s a definite increase in activity between the two.

Visually, confirmation of this due to a slightly brighter glow during its cycling.

Data looks promising. I’m not sure what’s finally spurred a growth in energy, but I’ll take it.

Will be seeing if I can get a repeat performance today…

Third sample achieved, initial visuals seem to suggest its dimmer than the first two, but that may just mean it’s earlier in its cycle.

GoMePub Halloween Decorations are up too. Nice!

Iwonk’s pointed out some blue water with some unnatural glowing properties in places along the route from the HOK to Library.

I’m taking samples just to be sure.

Found a chunk of glow-stone at the bottom of the pool, so that’s likely part of the issue there. Still, running water samples anyways.

I think it’s likely just water reflections from the deeper pool bouncing things around, to be honest.

I’ll likely bring it up at the AGM- the lake samples. Should give folks something to drive them for some more pellet drops.

I wonder if we can accelerate this any? Probably best to just let things take their course naturally.

Sat around with Iwonk and Scharminius at the top of the stairs for a while today. Chatted about various things.

Now to head to Descent. Got a call to do some survey work.

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