OOC: Net 2 summary 2

“Well. Here we are again. It’s always such a pleasure. Remember when I had to write OOC twice?”

I have Good News and Bad News to share.

GOOD NEWS: Over the weekend, Chogon caught a few crash logs which gave us a hopeful lead. On Monday, Adam launched a test on the Staging Server which provided the same 0xebf00baa Exception error… And on Tuesday, we tested a fix on staging to prevent that crash from happening. Wednesday, today, 9/29/21, Chogon applied that fix to the MOULa server… This 0xebf00baa exception crash is fixed!

I need to stress that this is a GOOD FIX. This was causing the entire staging server to crash with a *Single* Client-to-Server message, without any of the buildup period we’ve been seeing on MOULa.

BAD NEWS: It looks like we didn’t catch what caused the Net 2s, because we just had two in a row this evening.

We’re working on it.

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