Walking the Spiral

[The following is excripted from Calum’s Field Journal]

Proper walk down of path, surveying path stability next.

3 rings down- slight dip in pathway. Trip hazard?

About 8 rings down now, it’s surreal to be walking all this way and still barely made any progress.

Peering Upwards.

Patrick called me braver than him for even attempting this, hah!

Some mild debris on track about 9-10 rings down, near elevator struts. Same, next row. Ditto next row…

Shining a flashlight and Peering over edge, looks like there’s a lot of debris that’s piled up near the struts of the elevators for the next several rows down, actually. Might explain why the first lift isn’t working.

I’ve lost count of the loops. I’m so far down now I can barely see the top of the shaft.

It’s… surreal walking this path now.

Here I am, walking this path that Ti’ana walked. The path that Gehn and Atrus walked.

Did Yeesha walk this path downwards?

I am water, seeking the roots, flowing downwards, always downwards…

Gazing Down into the Shaft.

hark! i see an elevator’s glow! beams of light spear through the fog below!

…And I’m nowhere near the danged thing yet. I’m not even going to count the rings I have left to go.

Eight rings above the mid-way rest stop. Hoo, what a journey so far. Not done yet.

This climb is intense, and I’m near the end now. It’s… man. When they say this whole trek is a two day journey i’d believe it after this hike down.

Time to resume my descent.

I stand now at the very bottom of the Great Shaft, and despite being here earlier today (Yesterday?) via linking…

It’s a difference having walked all this way down.

The bottom of The Great Shaft.

I stand now at the bottom of a massive spiral of stone and air, having descended from the surface on nothing but my own two feet.

I can’t progress further on foot right now. I don’t even know what time it is, or day.

I’ve spent so much time descending to this point, and now I want nothing more than to climb into bed and rest.

The path seems stable, other than the bits and pieces I’ve forwarded to Patrick, who went to bed at one point.

This is a Journey. I can’t describe how surreal it is to have done this. To have walked from the Surface to D’ni,
Even in part, and found myself somewhere grand and majestic…

The floor is so shiny, I can see myself in its reflection and I… do I even recognize my own reflection?

The me that stares back seems so different from the me that begun this climb, and yet here I am.


There’s so much more to this journey that I’ve yet to do, yet to see, yet to experience and yet being here.

Being Here. Having DONE this first step among many…

I know I am not the first to have walked this path. The D’ni, Aitrus, Anna, Gehn, Atrus, Yeesha…

Loftin, Elias, and Watson… the DRC… Who knows how many other Explorers over the years?

And yet I feel that I am still experiencing this for the first time. This path, this journey, this…

This Spiral, yet unwalked by so many, yet seen by just as many, if not many more…


Watson wrote about a leap of faith, but… this? This experience? This path this journey this–

This goes beyond a leap of faith into the unknown. This is boldly stepping foot after foot into the dark, hinging hopes on there being something infront of you.

For so long you can peer down and not yet see the bottom, and yet once you get there- ONCE YOU GET THERE…

This goes beyond the Books. Beyond Linking.

Did the D’ni have any idea of what kind of portal they created here?

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