Descent P1 Initial review.

[The Following Text has been copied from Calum’s Chezacen Cathedral Journal]


Well, this month is off to a ‘good’ start. Network errors with the KI during the DayODance and the AGM too continue to persist. Ran into some security networking issues with the access to the Descent area this morning.

Which means the Initial Phase One review of Descent off to an actual good start, all things considered.

Can’t say I’m too surprised at how things are down there, with some of the issues we run into with old D’ni tech even on the Cathedral Island and elsewhere.

Some mechanisms are definitely jammed. A power surge maybe? Some of the lights were flickering.
Can only hope we can get things sorted out.

I’m curious to know what’s behind some of those sealed doors, though. Oh well, eventually we’ll get there.

Needless to say it’s of no surprise how similar, yet different things were to Myst 5’s depiction, given that game’s status as an adaptation of Dr. Watson’s journey to free the Bahro. Nowhere near as many rest areas, for a start.

Temporary walkways are a definite security and safety concern, given their present status, but as long as we stick to a ‘one person at a time while crossing’ pattern, I can only be hopeful everyone has their Relto Book on hand until we get a more permanent solution put in place.

Getting folks more open access is proving to be a bit of a hassle given everything else at the moment.
Something’s gone wrong in the networking side of things. Hope we can get that sorted out sooner rather than later.

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