PRE SEPTEMBER 2021 AGM; Kelsei, Doobes.

{Chatlog from before the September AGM – Kelsei A.T.}

(09/04 12:21:09) Chat.log started…
(09/04 12:21:11) Kelsei A.T.: shorah, all
(09/04 12:21:25) Kelsei A.T.: …ah, everyone’s napping
(09/04 12:22:34) Kelsei A.T. kneels down…
(09/04 12:22:48) J’Kla: preping for the AGM
(09/04 12:23:21) Kelsei A.T.: just checking on something in the mechanisms, out of curiosity
(09/04 12:23:36) J’Kla: Fair
(09/04 12:23:54) Kelsei A.T.: Jules mentioned to Calum, who mentioned to a bunch of us, that he was looking into getting the recording systems working
(09/04 12:24:11) Kelsei A.T.: calum mentioned that the systems in one of the hoods was rather fried, so i was curious if the podium here was the same…
(09/04 12:24:17) Kelsei A.T.: now where’s the panel seams…?
(09/04 12:24:33) Kelsei A.T. tugs at a plate, and peers inside…
(09/04 12:24:58) From Scharminius in Scharminius’ Nexus: shorah 🙂
(09/04 12:25:14) Kelsei A.T.: …it doesn’t look too bad here, actually, given my limited experience with D’ni tech.
(09/04 12:25:28) Kelsei A.T.: i’d imagine someone more qualified could get this working again fairly easily.
(09/04 12:25:36) Kelsei A.T. replaces panel
(09/04 12:26:12) Kelsei A.T.: definitely seems doable to me, at any rate.
(09/04 12:26:24) To Scharminius: good afternoon! calum mentioned you had some power issues?
(09/04 12:26:29) To Scharminius: glad to see those resolved 🙂
(09/04 12:26:32) Minasunda: shorah 🙂
(09/04 12:26:43) Kelsei A.T.: shorah, Minasunda, Eternal Seeker
(09/04 12:26:51) Kelsei A.T. waves hello
(09/04 12:26:52) Eternal Seeker: Shorah all
(09/04 12:26:54) J’Kla: shorah
(09/04 12:26:57) From Scharminius in Scharminius’ Nexus: yeah, AC feels so good! 🙂
(09/04 12:27:09) To Scharminius: ah, yes, i’d imagine it would 🙂
(09/04 12:27:10) Eternal Seeker says hey
(09/04 12:27:15) Minasunda says hey
(09/04 12:27:23) Kelsei A.T. says hey
(09/04 12:28:12) Kelsei A.T.: as far as I understand Jules’s concerns over the podium, at any rate, i believe he wants to get a series of quarterly recordings going to help folks catch up incase they miss the AGM or other posted announcements
(09/04 12:28:27) Kelsei A.T.: like the old recording Doctor Watson left here, some years back,
(09/04 12:29:14) Kelsei A.T.: it seems like a good idea to me, atleast. could help with some communication and transparancy matters.
(09/04 12:29:58) TGMChrist tries to connect his KI with his smartphone. The smartphone does not respond with the KI.
(09/04 12:30:40) Kelsei A.T.: ah, i’d be careful with that kind of connection,
(09/04 12:30:58) Kelsei A.T.: Calum’s last experiment with that kind of connection went poorly for him,
(09/04 12:31:26) TGMChrist: What happend?
(09/04 12:31:30) Kelsei A.T. winces
(09/04 12:31:50) Kelsei A.T.: to keep it simple, Calum used crystals from an age he’d written in the experiment and it caused some adverse reactions,
(09/04 12:31:53) Kelsei A.T.: such as sleep walking.
(09/04 12:32:05) Kelsei A.T.: and a general altered state of mind during such sleep walking.
(09/04 12:32:40) Kelsei A.T.: we’re pretty sure it’s just the crystals, but even so…
(09/04 12:32:53) Kelsei A.T.: best to be careful when pairing tech bases,
(09/04 12:33:28) Kelsei A.T.: shorah, Scharm, 🙂
(09/04 12:33:33) TGMChrist: Oh! That’s bad.
(09/04 12:33:55) judyg: hi scharm
(09/04 12:34:04) Scharminius: shorah everyone 🙂
(09/04 12:34:05) Scharminius leans right
(09/04 12:34:06) Kelsei A.T.: yes, he’s recovered for the most part, but we’re still keeping an eye on the situation.
(09/04 12:34:07) judyg leans left
(09/04 12:34:16) Kelsei A.T.: keeping him on low-stress duties and jobs, and such
(09/04 12:34:19) bella1 leans right
(09/04 12:34:19) Scharminius leans left
(09/04 12:34:33) Kelsei A.T.: though, having him shovel snow in Serene the other day seems to have backfired. He got caught in one of the snow fluries.
(09/04 12:35:14) Kelsei A.T.: Poor thing came down with a nasty headache and some sniffles, after.
(09/04 12:35:23) Kelsei A.T. shakes head, sighing
(09/04 12:35:57) Kelsei A.T.: we’ve been seeing the snow storms pick up again with some frequency, actually,
(09/04 12:36:07) Kelsei A.T.: so be careful when Visiting Serene, and dress warmly,
(09/04 12:36:34) Kelsei A.T.: you never know when you might get caught in a sudden downpour of snow.
(09/04 12:37:28) Kelsei A.T.: Personally, I’d expect a near constant stream of snow come November or December, at the rate the storms are increasing.
(09/04 12:38:13) Scharminius: hi duck 🙂
(09/04 12:39:09) Kelsei A.T. checks time…
(09/04 12:39:30) Kelsei A.T.: has anyone heard if there’s a host for the AGM chosen yet? I’m afraid I’ve been out of the loop,
(09/04 12:39:56) judyg: maybe hostess susa’n?
(09/04 12:40:39) judyg: shorah susa’n
(09/04 12:40:48) Kelsei A.T.: Shorah, Doobes,
(09/04 12:40:51) Player added.
(09/04 12:40:56) Doobes: Hi there. 🙂
(09/04 12:41:11) darkwingduck: hi doobes:)
(09/04 12:41:21) Doobes: Hey everyone. How’s things?
(09/04 12:41:24) TGMChrist: Hello There
(09/04 12:41:41) Kelsei A.T.: i was just telling everyone about the snow storms in Serene, poor Calum seems to have gotten a cold after getting caught in one the other day.
(09/04 12:41:59) Doobes: Yes, the storms are back…although luckily not as bad as before.
(09/04 12:42:11) Doobes: As in, with the right clothing, they’re…tolerable.
(09/04 12:42:13) Doobes: 😀
(09/04 12:42:22) Kelsei A.T.: id guess November or December before they’re back in full force,
(09/04 12:42:33) philipgr: Shorah Doobes 🙂
(09/04 12:42:48) Doobes: Yeah, just light flurries at the moment. Our winter is pretty much Serene’s winter.
(09/04 12:43:59) Kelsei A.T.: have you heard yet who’s taking over for Korov’ev?
(09/04 12:44:07) Doobes: I have not.
(09/04 12:44:28) Kelsei A.T.: hrm.
(09/04 12:44:35) Doobes: It can be difficult to find a replacement. We were lucky since he was already a Messenger and up for the task.
(09/04 12:44:49) Doobes: (again, not that being a Messenger is a requirement!)
(09/04 12:45:11) Doobes: Essentially, anyone who’s run a big gathering could do the job.
(09/04 12:45:13) TGMChrist tries again to connect his KI with his phone using a new adjustment. It seem’s to be working but a few sparks come out of his KI.
(09/04 12:45:19) Kelsei A.T. winces
(09/04 12:45:23) TGMChrist: OUCH! My hand.
(09/04 12:45:38) Doobes: There’s no app for that, apparently. Hehehe.
(09/04 12:45:38) Kelsei A.T.: yikes!
(09/04 12:45:47) Kelsei A.T.: D’ni tech can be very tempermental.
(09/04 12:46:03) Doobes: You’re telling me. You ever try getting one of their elevators to work? It’s brutal!
(09/04 12:46:28) Kelsei A.T.: Calum complained a lot about the Ahnonay Chair mechanics while you all were testing those.
(09/04 12:46:31) TGMChrist: Thankfully my KI and phone are still working after that.
(09/04 12:46:36) J’Kla: ladders are easier
(09/04 12:46:47) J’Kla: shorah Doobes
(09/04 12:46:51) Doobes waves hello
(09/04 12:47:12) Kelsei A.T.: well, as long as nothing’s broken,
(09/04 12:47:16) Kelsei A.T.: just be careful 🙂
(09/04 12:47:46) TGMChrist: I will be more careful after that now.
(09/04 12:47:51) From Doobes: I know you’re probably doing so already, but could you snag a chatlog please? I may need to step in and handle moderation and questions. 😉
(09/04 12:48:02) To Doobes: have been running one since i got here 🙂
(09/04 12:48:21) From Doobes: Kewl. Just send me a copy when we’re all done here, please. 🙂
(09/04 12:48:31) To Doobes: will do, and ill send one to Calum too.
(09/04 12:48:33) J’Kla: i am broken slipped on stairs at home put my back out
(09/04 12:48:40) Kelsei A.T.: yikes,
(09/04 12:48:45) Doobes: Ouch. :/
(09/04 12:48:50) Kelsei A.T.: got to be careful around stairs,
(09/04 12:48:57) J’Kla: just pulled muscel
(09/04 12:49:00) Doobes: I spy a Korov’ev. 😀
(09/04 12:49:12) Kelsei A.T.: more and more im happy that the Cathedral island only has one major staircase in it, and ramps everywhere else.
(09/04 12:49:21) Kelsei A.T.: stairs are more trouble than they’re worth.
(09/04 12:49:35) Kelsei A.T. hopes for a speedy recovery, J’Kla
(09/04 12:49:36) Doobes: Tell me about it.
(09/04 12:49:40) J’Kla: don’t visit my ages
(09/04 12:49:49) Doobes: Stairs aplenty? 😀
(09/04 12:50:14) PodHopper: Shorah everyone 🙂
(09/04 12:50:21) Kelsei A.T.: Shorah, PodHopper
(09/04 12:50:25) Doobes: Shorah!
(09/04 12:50:26) rarified: Why didn’t the D’ni have escalators?
(09/04 12:50:34) TGMChrist: Here a warning for everyone. DON’T CONNECT YOUR KI WITH YOUR PHONE!!!
(09/04 12:50:40) Doobes: Who says they don’t elsewhere? Hehehe.
(09/04 12:50:53) Kelsei A.T.: Something something, high class areas and accessability concerns lacking…
(09/04 12:51:09) J’Kla: loads they are all just switched off
(09/04 12:51:23) Doobes: Another reason I plan to get those elevators in the Great Shaft working.
(09/04 12:51:28) Kelsei A.T.: yes, please avoid direct physical connections between D’ni systems and surface ones where you can,
(09/04 12:51:38) Kelsei A.T.: or atleast, hire an electrician
(09/04 12:51:54) Doobes: I’m curious if Laxman ever tried that and got the same results.
(09/04 12:52:08) Kelsei A.T.: Given the pains Calum’s latest experiment brought him, i can only imagine.
(09/04 12:52:11) shokhootahn Rehn leans left
(09/04 12:52:11) Doobes: BZZZZZZZZT! /faints
(09/04 12:52:12) Minasunda leans right
(09/04 12:52:31) Claidi Song: Shorah everyone 🙂
(09/04 12:52:32) rarified: Sounds like one of Sirus’ experiments.
(09/04 12:52:43) philipgr: Shorah Claidi 🙂
(09/04 12:52:51) Kelsei A.T.: (you did secure those devices somewhere safe, right, Patrick?)
(09/04 12:53:01) Korov’ev: so, who’s the new moderator?
(09/04 12:53:03) Doobes: But of course! Can’t be too careful.
(09/04 12:53:05) judyg: hi claidi
(09/04 12:53:11) Doobes: Heh, I thought you knew, Kor? 😛
(09/04 12:53:12) Kelsei A.T.: that’s what we were wondering, Korov’ev,
(09/04 12:53:50) Kelsei A.T.: worst case i suppose one of us can step up if nobody else does…
(09/04 12:53:57) Kelsei A.T. gets a look of stage fright at the thought of it…
(09/04 12:54:09) Doobes: Let’s go crazy and everyone rush up to the stage and talk about their projects at once. Whoever gets the most applause wins a lifetime supply of pizza and donuts. 😛
(09/04 12:54:19) Doobes giggles to himself
(09/04 12:54:32) shokhootahn Rehn: lol@Doobes
(09/04 12:54:33) judyg: lol@doobes
(09/04 12:54:44) Claidi Song starts to laugh
(09/04 12:54:50) Korov’ev: that’s an interesting idea 🙂
(09/04 12:54:53) CT Hostess Susa’n: Who belongs to GOM?
(09/04 12:55:06) Doobes: In all serious though, we could go more free-form. Someone just head up there and start chatting, we ask questions, etc.
(09/04 12:55:15) TGMChrist: I even didn’t bring any donuts.
(09/04 12:55:20) Doobes: Being part of GoMe is not required, FYI. It just worked out that way for the last three mods.
(09/04 12:55:27) Boywhith: shorah all :))
(09/04 12:55:31) Kelsei A.T.: shorah 🙂

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