Redacted Experiment Notes: Wifi Booster.

[The following are assorted, transcribed, and partially redacted notes detailing a concluded experiment. Several Pages and sketches were, unfortunately, undated so as to provide a more stable timeline, and have been assembled in the most coherent logical timeline.]

The idea is pretty simple. The KI can house inter-age chat in real time. Can I hook up a KI to a Wifi Router and broadcast Wifi through the KI Network?

The Initial answer to that seems to be no. I can’t quite actually get this thing to broadcast directly. Incompatible data codex encryptions. I Don’t know enough about the KI back-end to pull it off seamlessly like Laxman probably could, though. So I’ll have to see about reworking things.

Had an idea related to the Vertigo Crystals. The age itself was written with the idea of trying to combine Tay’s crystal windows with Rime’s crystal viewer, but what I’ve gotten is something… strangely different.

The Crystals seem to share some kind of sub-space lattice link similar to how the KI’s communicate inter-age. The issue is, once again, interfacing. [Redacted theory crafting.]

If this theory pans out, I should be able to directly connect the KI and the Crystals into the Router with a little risky welding.

[Redacted Scribbles seeming to depict mathematical equations or computer coding]

How the heck does this even work? Not sure, but it does.


Going to need to do a revisit of the age again soon. Aaah. Someday. Blah.

Started an Experiment with one of the shards I took home. Took an old KI, and a WIFI box,
and hooked them up with the crystal. I know the KI’s can work intra-age, but…

Can I use a Vertigo Crystal Shard to boost a WIFI signal so my phone can get reception?


Answer sofar seems to be Yes- as long as I keep a matching Shard tucked away in my pocket. Can I make it so I don’t need that?

Some sort of Resonance between the Crystals? Makes sense considering they used to be part of the same.

Moderate success- I’ve been able to tweak my Phone to be able to pick up the Wifi Signal from the GoMePub anywhere on Ae’gura. I’ve had to heavily rewire the inside of the Experiment KI- so much so it barely resembles the original internals anymore. Had to jam a few Vertigo Crystal fragments inside to make it work, but I think it’s actually holding a stable data-transmission matrix?

This was a Triumph. I’m making a note here: Huge Success~! It’s hard to overstate my satisfaction.

Able to get Wifi signal clear into Chiso Preniv, and access real-time surface weather data. Texting is also functional as well.


Phone Experiments seem to be holding up. For now I’ll be clever and tell anyone who asks that I’m just piggybacking off of the Pub’s Wifi.


Well, Serene’s out, and I did a whole lot of talking about the Phone Project yesterday.
A whole lot of half-truths about the experiment proper. I dearly apologize for that.
clasps hands Please forgive me if you were there, reader!

I’m going to have to see about installing some kind of legit looking WIFI setup SOMEWHERE.


Ugh. So tired. Had zero luck recreating my previous set-up so far.

Just can’t get the right crystals to resonate with eachother.

Not gotten any work done on anything this week, it feels like.

…Is it the shape of the crystals that matters? The two shards I’ve got linked share the same general shapes, even if they don’t have the same exact colors… I wonder…


I’m choosing to redact a few of the more technical aspects, as well as not repost any of the actual internal photos of the actual work I did on any of the devices out of an abundance of caution.

This was an inherently bad idea to muck about with. Trying to make a device capable of sending internet-wifi readable signals across ages is definitely not something I ought to be doing with the Vertigo Crystals. In-order to make it work I kept an unsealed Vertigo Crystal on me at all times, and kept a bunch of unsealed crystals in close proximity to my bed at night, which… Uh. Yeah.

Let’s just say that these crystals definitely have the capability to reach out across dimensions for communication purposes and leave it at that for now.

Cue MONTHS of me sleep walking, and sleep LINKING, waking up in Payiferen over multiple nights and days. If Kelsei hadn’t figured out the Crystals involved in this experiment were what was causing it… I don’t even know.

That’s what I get for my hubris, I suppose, in thinking that I could improve upon the wheel.

There’s more to the Crystals, I’m sure, given everything Kelsei’s observed while I was in these altered states… But I’m definitely taking a step back and letting this one go.

Kelsei’s confiscated my experiment and given it over to Patrick’s group for disposal or whatever it is they intend to do. I basically slept through Sunday once everything was well and truly out of range of influencing me.

I’m going to have to reconsider the health and safety hazard of leaving a bunch of these crystals lying around the Island. Also, consider if Kelsei has the right idea and keep this age away from visitors.

There’s potential, but oh man, was I being naive and trusting of a bunch of floating rocks.

I’ll be taking the week off, I think, to get my head on straight after this ordeal.

_Calum Traveler.

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