Nosila’s Tsogal Door Run Contest

Held in Nosila’s hood’s Eder Tsogal, the contest contained several randomly selected team compositions.

The overall first place winners were the two Player Team of IWONK and SCHARMINIUS, With a time of 1 minute 37 seconds!

Full results and team rosters were posted later by Nosila.

Five Player Teams:
1st Place: 2:31
ghoul, Anatheia, Keda, Belugrath, Aoi.
2nd Place: 3:42
Iwonk, Aurelias, AlanD, Keda, ghoul.
3rd Place: 3:50
Keda, Iwonk, Scharminius, Anatheia, mevvah.
4th Place: 4:07
AlanD, Anatheia, Scharminius, malim Preadari, ScottMiller
5th Place: over 10 minutes.
Scharminius, Ro”Jethhe, Penitent Tangent, ScottMiller, Malim Preadari

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