VOTHOL: Patrick, Kelsei, Jules

[Chatlog provided by Aurelias.]

(07/02 14:53:33) Chat.log started…
(07/02 14:54:46) Aurelias: shorah Patrick :))
(07/02 14:54:48) Patrick Dulebohn: It’s very well-hidden. We sort of stumbled upon it by accident, in fact.
(07/02 14:55:01) Patrick Dulebohn: Hello there! Was just checking to see if the Linking Book had been placed.
(07/02 14:55:08) Aurelias cheers
(07/02 14:55:15) Patrick Dulebohn: Vothol Gallery awaits!
(07/02 14:56:01) Aurelias: It’s stunning!
(07/02 14:56:33) Patrick Dulebohn: It was restored by an explorer by the name of Rustee…or I imagine it was a nickname at least.
(07/02 14:56:56) Patrick Dulebohn: I believe Keith Lord discovered the artwork featured here too.
(07/02 14:57:44) Aurelias: The the D’ni use it as an art gallery, or did the explorers repurpose it?
(07/02 14:58:19) Patrick Dulebohn: Nope, it’s an art gallery, although the artwork was discovered elsewhere, I believe.
(07/02 14:59:31) Aurelias: Do we know where it is located in the cavern in relation to Ae’gura or K’veer?
(07/02 14:59:36) Patrick Dulebohn: Also, while it’s obviously in the cavern, we’ve had trouble pinpointing the exact location.
(07/02 14:59:44) Aurelias: 🙂
(07/02 14:59:44) Patrick Dulebohn: Ha! Read my mind.
(07/02 14:59:46) Patrick Dulebohn grins
(07/02 15:00:14) Patrick Dulebohn: Something in here seems to be interfering with KI coordinates. We’ll hopefully find out why and fix that.
(07/02 15:00:40) Aurelias: Also haven’t seen the Great Zero beam sweep by yet…
(07/02 15:01:05) Patrick Dulebohn: Indeed. Another curious oddity.
(07/02 15:01:50) Aurelias: These arches look similar to the Guild of Writers symbol. Is there a connection?
(07/02 15:02:40) Patrick Dulebohn: Indeed. It also has the Guild’s colors. Unlike Chiso, however, this seems to be more for the practical art instead of Book from the Art.
(07/02 15:02:41) Patrick Dulebohn winks
(07/02 15:03:29) Aurelias: So I won’t accidentally link somewhere if I happen to touch some artwork 🙂
(07/02 15:03:47) Patrick Dulebohn: It also seems quieter here, in that there’s less sounds of the cavern like the fans and such. So it could be a fairly remote location.
(07/02 15:04:03) Patrick Dulebohn: I hope not! Then again, we’ve seen many things able to Link people.
(07/02 15:04:21) Patrick Dulebohn: Although I think people have touched these painting carefully with no ill effects or errant Linking.
(07/02 15:04:23) Patrick Dulebohn laughs
(07/02 15:04:41) Aurelias: Did it take much work to restore?
(07/02 15:04:57) Patrick Dulebohn: Well, as mentioned, there was a bad cave-in here that needed to be cleaned up.
(07/02 15:04:59) Aurelias: Seems you wouldn’t have to contend with the weather like in Serene
(07/02 15:05:11) Patrick Dulebohn: We then added some new structural support to hopefully prevent that from happening again.
(07/02 15:05:24) Patrick Dulebohn: That’s why this location was delayed for so long.
(07/02 15:05:54) Patrick Dulebohn: We’re quite content that this is structurally stable.
(07/02 15:06:03) Patrick Dulebohn: Certainly safer than Tetsonot.
(07/02 15:06:05) Patrick Dulebohn laughs
(07/02 15:06:20) Aurelias: Drier too 🙂
(07/02 15:06:46) Patrick Dulebohn: Indeed! Like most locations in the cavern though, I wouldn’t swim in or drink the water out there.
(07/02 15:08:37) Aurelias: What has been keeping you busy lately?
(07/02 15:08:43) Patrick Dulebohn: Really want to see how Rustee found this place. It’s very remote…even for a location in D’ni. Moreso than the Watcher’s Pub even!
(07/02 15:09:06) Aurelias: I’m wondering if he smuggled a small rowboat into the cavern somehow!
(07/02 15:09:10) Patrick Dulebohn: Well, helping to get Serene, Tre’bivdil and this place ready for public view.
(07/02 15:09:19) IwonK is amazed!
(07/02 15:09:20) Aurelias: shorah IwonK :))
(07/02 15:09:26) Patrick Dulebohn: Now that that’s done, I can turn my attention to a rather big project.
(07/02 15:09:26) IwonK: shorah Aur 😀
(07/02 15:09:40) Patrick Dulebohn: We plan on throwing a lot of resources into restoring the path to D’ni!
(07/02 15:09:47) Patrick Dulebohn: Hi there IwonK!
(07/02 15:09:49) Aurelias: Oh, that’s exciting!
(07/02 15:10:14) IwonK: excuse me for being silent, my jaw hit the floor and I’m dragging it along…
(07/02 15:10:21) Patrick Dulebohn: Earthquakes several years back cut off most of the Great Shaft, but we’re slowly making our way through.
(07/02 15:10:30) Patrick Dulebohn: Heh, very understandable!
(07/02 15:11:33) Patrick Dulebohn: The exciting part is, once we’ve completed enough work, we plan to let people walk down the entire path if they so choose…so long as they have their Relto Book handy!
(07/02 15:12:18) Aurelias: Indeed! At the very least some snacks
(07/02 15:12:26) IwonK: and cookies
(07/02 15:12:36) Aurelias: shorah 2ndClemens :))
(07/02 15:12:49) Patrick Dulebohn: A backpack would be essential. The Book of Atrus novel was not kidding about the distance.
(07/02 15:12:50) 2ndClemens: Hi 🙂
(07/02 15:13:10) IwonK: 3-5 days according to Gehn 😉
(07/02 15:13:10) Patrick Dulebohn: Hello there! Welcome to Vothol Gallery.
(07/02 15:13:32) Patrick Dulebohn: Perhaps less if you sprint carefully. Heh.
(07/02 15:13:43) 2ndClemens: this is brand new, right?
(07/02 15:13:55) Patrick Dulebohn: And again, Relto Book is very much recommended.
(07/02 15:14:06) Aurelias: Do you know where the name Vothol comes from. Is it a D’ni word? Was it a person?
(07/02 15:14:07) Patrick Dulebohn: This has just opened today. I had a helper place the Linking Book not too long ago.
(07/02 15:15:00) Patrick Dulebohn: Sadly, my D’ni linguistic skills are terrible. I have wonderful experts like Kelsei A.T. and Korov’ev to help with that.
(07/02 15:15:15) Patrick Dulebohn: Might also be a name?
(07/02 15:15:17) Patrick Dulebohn shrugs
(07/02 15:15:23) Aurelias: I’ll have to ask Kelsei next time I see her
(07/02 15:15:32) Patrick Dulebohn: I imagine D’ni named places after famous folks like we do on the surface.
(07/02 15:16:17) Aurelias: Will you be talking at the All Guilds Meeting tomorrow?
(07/02 15:16:33) IwonK: it seems to me that I have to edit my Chiso marker game 😛
(07/02 15:16:46) Patrick Dulebohn: I think Rustee struck the perfect balance between preserving the historical site while fixing things up.
(07/02 15:16:59) Patrick Dulebohn: Yes, I’ll probably drop into the All Guilds Meeting.
(07/02 15:17:20) Patrick Dulebohn: Assuming I don’t get stuck with business elsewhere. The restoration never sleeps these days!
(07/02 15:17:37) Aurelias: It really seems to be non-stop now!
(07/02 15:17:48) Patrick Dulebohn: I do like having a central meeting where all can gather and share their news. It’s very much in the spirit of the D’ni neighborhoods.
(07/02 15:18:06) Patrick Dulebohn: They had a wonderful sense of community in many of them.
(07/02 15:18:20) Aurelias: It’s great seeing a lot of familiar faces regularly gather together in one place.
(07/02 15:19:16) Patrick Dulebohn: Absolutely. I’ve certainly enjoyed the times I’ve dropped in.
(07/02 15:19:42) Aurelias: I have a quick question about Tre’bivdil I was wondering if you could answer?
(07/02 15:19:46) Patrick Dulebohn: And it’s great to bring news of the hard work of our restoration experts and volunteers. They work so hard, so your support and enthusiasm keeps us going.
(07/02 15:19:48) Patrick Dulebohn grins
(07/02 15:19:56) Patrick Dulebohn: I believe so. Go ahead and ask.
(07/02 15:20:15) Patrick Dulebohn: Although Lontahv knows the Age much better than I do. Heh.
(07/02 15:20:32) Aurelias: It seems like there are invisible barriers on the edges of the platforms to protect us falling into the water.
(07/02 15:20:41) Aurelias: Is the water hazardous?
(07/02 15:20:57) Aurelias: Or were those barriers added during restoration?
(07/02 15:21:49) Patrick Dulebohn: I believe it’s a form of the barriers found in Jalak, only less visible. They’re intended to keep people from falling in as buoyancy in the Age’s water is much different.
(07/02 15:22:07) Patrick Dulebohn: You’d essentially sink like a stone instead of float.
(07/02 15:22:41) Patrick Dulebohn: So don’t let the calm seas deceive you…they can be deadly! It’s why we had to evacuate immediately when the swells started.
(07/02 15:23:00) Patrick Dulebohn: Luckily, from what we found, those choppy seas are very rare.
(07/02 15:23:54) Patrick Dulebohn: It’s usually pretty tranquil, much like Veelay.
(07/02 15:24:46) Aurelias: Speaking of Veelay, it would be lovely if Vothol had a canen to let us bring this beautiful music back to Relto.
(07/02 15:25:27) Patrick Dulebohn: Well, we’ll see about that. There’s some funky mechanics involved.
(07/02 15:25:29) Patrick Dulebohn grins
(07/02 15:25:43) Patrick Dulebohn: We were barely able to get the Veelay one working…but we did learn a lot!
(07/02 15:25:52) Patrick Dulebohn: So fingers crossed.
(07/02 15:26:25) Aurelias: These spirals I see above the lights, I assume are not related to Yeesha’s path of the shell.
(07/02 15:26:51) Patrick Dulebohn: I don’t believe so. I don’t think Yeesha or the Bahro have visited here…at least not that I can tell.
(07/02 15:27:09) Patrick Dulebohn: Then again, you can’t really tell with beings who can Link at will.
(07/02 15:27:13) Patrick Dulebohn grins
(07/02 15:27:36) Aurelias: Yes, they tend to show up when you least expect them!
(07/02 15:27:55) Patrick Dulebohn: And, in some cases, screech to announce their arrival!
(07/02 15:27:57) Patrick Dulebohn laughs
(07/02 15:28:09) Aurelias: Indeed, always makes me jump!
(07/02 15:28:32) Patrick Dulebohn: I suppose it’s good to know they’re still out there somewhere.
(07/02 15:28:41) Patrick Dulebohn: Assuming they don’t want trouble, of course.
(07/02 15:28:51) Aurelias: Your restoration team hasn’t bumped into them?
(07/02 15:29:25) Patrick Dulebohn: Sadly, no. Many of our volunteers have took Yeesha’s path and freed more Bahro, but after that, I think they tend to stay away.
(07/02 15:29:52) Patrick Dulebohn: And I assume the more militant ones are being kept away by Yeesha…although it’s been over a decade since that happened, so who knows.
(07/02 15:30:08) Patrick Dulebohn shrugs
(07/02 15:30:29) Aurelias: Thanks for answering all of my questions, Patrick. And thanks for your ongoing work!
(07/02 15:30:31) Patrick Dulebohn: In short, no…no Bahro…or Yeesha for that matter. Shame too. There’s so much to ask!
(07/02 15:30:35) Aurelias thanks you very much!
(07/02 15:30:49) Patrick Dulebohn: Thank you too! It’s always good to see enthusiasm for what we do.
(07/02 15:30:51) Patrick Dulebohn bows
(07/02 15:31:07) Aurelias: Hopefully I’ll see you tomorrow in Kirel!
(07/02 15:31:10) Aurelias waves goodbye
(07/02 15:31:20) Patrick Dulebohn: Until next time!
(07/02 15:31:21) Patrick Dulebohn salutes
[Patrick Leaves]
(07/02 15:31:40) Aurelias: shorak Drakeee :))
(07/02 15:31:43) Aurelias: *shorah
(07/02 15:31:45) Drakeee: shorah!
(07/02 15:32:04) From Minasunda in German NULP’s Hood: shorah Aurelias :))
(07/02 15:32:09) Aurelias: You just missed Patrick Dulebohn. He was answering some questions about this age.
(07/02 15:32:18) To Minasunda: shorah Minasunda 🙂
(07/02 15:32:23) To Minasunda: Guess where I am :))
(07/02 15:32:28) Drakeee: Oh neat
(07/02 15:32:34) From Minasunda in German NULP’s Hood: wow
(07/02 15:32:50) To Minasunda: Patrick was here talking about the age a little bit
(07/02 15:33:05) From Minasunda in German NULP’s Hood: so nice :)) and I missed it 😦
(07/02 15:39:09) Aurelias: shorah thor-ham :))
(07/02 15:39:44) thor-ham: shorahowdy Aurelias
(07/02 15:47:52) Aurelias: shorah thoekenem :))
(07/02 15:48:17) thoekenem: shorah Aurelias
(07/02 15:48:42) thor-ham: shorahowdy thoekenem
(07/02 15:49:36) Aurelias: shorah etelka 🙂
(07/02 15:49:37) etelka: Shorah all 🙂
(07/02 15:50:03) thoekenem: shorah thor-ham
(07/02 15:50:18) thor-ham: Shorahowdy etelka! 🙂
(07/02 15:50:30) etelka waves hello
(07/02 15:51:07) Aurelias cheers
(07/02 15:51:23) thor-ham laughs
(07/02 15:51:32) thor-ham: you got it!
(07/02 15:51:47) Aurelias: Got very lucky!
(07/02 15:52:24) Andrew Yosso: What a place wow
(07/02 15:52:35) Aurelias: The music is lovely!
(07/02 15:52:45) From Mabe in German NULP’s Hood: Gute Nacht Zusammen 😉
(07/02 15:52:48) Andrew Yosso: so much to see
(07/02 15:53:03) thor-ham: shorah Andrew!
(07/02 15:53:05) thor-ham: yes
(07/02 15:53:07) Andrew Yosso: Hi again
(07/02 15:53:13) Andrew Yosso: Seen it all
(07/02 15:53:53) Andrew Yosso: So much to do
(07/02 15:54:06) Andrew Yosso: If you like runing in circles
(07/02 15:56:41) thor-ham is thinking
(07/02 15:57:04) Aurelias: It was a walkjump that landed me on the top
(07/02 15:57:21) Aurelias: I think I just got lucky that I was the right distance when I jumped
(07/02 15:57:36) thor-ham: you made it look so easy! 🙂
(07/02 16:00:03) Aurelias: You were soooo close!
(07/02 16:00:17) Aurelias: It looked like you slipped off rather than jumped over
(07/02 16:00:19) thor-ham: I can tell that it’s just right there.
(07/02 16:00:55) thor-ham: just gotta figure out how to line it up from the easier spot.
(07/02 16:02:03) Aurelias: Did you make it!
(07/02 16:02:05) Aurelias cheers
(07/02 16:02:10) thor-ham cheers
(07/02 16:02:32) thor-ham: the trick was to just randomly try i guess. lol
(07/02 16:04:34) thor-ham: emd of the line here?
(07/02 16:04:52) Aurelias: Maybe
(07/02 16:04:53) thor-ham points
(07/02 16:05:00) thor-ham: wonder if that is makeable?
(07/02 16:05:11) Aurelias: Into where the spiral is?
(07/02 16:05:18) thor-ham: on top?
(07/02 16:05:25) thor-ham: looks like a ridge
(07/02 16:05:36) thor-ham: or that one
(07/02 16:05:41) thor-ham points
(07/02 16:05:59) Aurelias: I’m tempted to fall inside this cone
(07/02 16:06:07) thor-ham is getting a nose bleed up here.
(07/02 16:06:19) thor-ham: I love skydiving.
(07/02 16:06:26) thor-ham: I will try.
(07/02 16:06:55) thor-ham: whoa
(07/02 16:07:21) thor-ham: theres a floor here.
(07/02 16:07:22) Aurelias: You can walk on the bars back to the edge
(07/02 16:07:32) thor-ham: yea the bars
(07/02 16:08:14) thor-ham: can I fall through?
(07/02 16:08:25) thor-ham: yeppers
(07/02 16:08:35) Aurelias: Do you need to Relto out?
(07/02 16:08:37) thor-ham: floor down here.
(07/02 16:08:56) Aurelias: Perfect hiding spot 🙂
(07/02 16:08:59) thor-ham: yes
(07/02 16:09:17) thor-ham: what a cozy place this is though
(07/02 16:10:10) Aurelias: Okay, I’m going to try a jump onto the arch above one of the spirals
(07/02 16:11:23) thor-ham: how did it go?
(07/02 16:11:38) thor-ham: guess you landed on the floor?
(07/02 16:11:53) Aurelias: Either you can’t land on it and I just bounced off, or I wasn’t able to jump high enough
(07/02 16:12:27) thor-ham: clipped again

[Kelsei Arrives]
(07/02 16:17:07) Aurelias: shorah Kelsei 🙂
(07/02 16:17:13) Kelsei A.T.: well, Patrick did it again
(07/02 16:17:13) Aurelias waves hello
(07/02 16:17:17) Kelsei A.T.: another stealth reveal.
(07/02 16:17:19) Kelsei A.T. starts to laugh
(07/02 16:17:21) thor-ham: shorahowdy Kelsei
(07/02 16:17:24) Kelsei A.T.: shorah 🙂
(07/02 16:17:32) Kelsei A.T. waves hello
(07/02 16:17:40) Aurelias: Was lucky enough to chat with Patrick for a bit
(07/02 16:17:44) Kelsei A.T.: oh?
(07/02 16:18:11) Aurelias: I’ll have to share the chatlog with Calum.
(07/02 16:18:19) Kelsei A.T.: ah, im sure he’ll appreciate it 🙂
(07/02 16:18:48) Aurelias: He said you might know where the name Vothol comes from. If it’s a D’ni word or person.
(07/02 16:18:48) Kelsei A.T.: thought id come take a look at the art
(07/02 16:18:54) thor-ham: brb
(07/02 16:19:03) Kelsei A.T.: hrm, that sounds like a History question
(07/02 16:19:14) Aurelias: thor-ham and I have been having some fun climbing
(07/02 16:19:19) Kelsei A.T.: you might want to ask Calum on that one
(07/02 16:19:23) Kelsei A.T.: i honestly can’t say.
(07/02 16:19:53) Kelsei A.T.: Vothol… definitely sounds like a person’s name, at any rate.
(07/02 16:20:04) Kelsei A.T.: but then again so many places are named after people in D’ni and on the Surface
(07/02 16:20:06) Kelsei A.T. shrugs
(07/02 16:20:17) Aurelias: That was Patrick’s guess. Named after someone D’ni semi-famous
(07/02 16:20:27) Kelsei A.T.: id guess the Artist
(07/02 16:20:32) Kelsei A.T.: Vothol’s Gallery
(07/02 16:20:46) Kelsei A.T.: similar to Kadish’s Gallery
(07/02 16:21:21) Aurelias: Except maybe without all the baggage that comes along with Kadish
(07/02 16:21:29) Kelsei A.T.: oh for sure
(07/02 16:21:33) Kelsei A.T.: atleast, i’d hope so
(07/02 16:21:48) Aurelias: The music is beautiful.
(07/02 16:22:00) Kelsei A.T.: yes, must be some hidden speakers…
(07/02 16:22:15) Kelsei A.T.: those are always vexing.
(07/02 16:22:19) Aurelias: shorah Jan 🙂
(07/02 16:22:34) Kelsei A.T.: shorah, Sleeper Jan
(07/02 16:22:34) Aurelias waves hello
(07/02 16:22:35) Sleeper Jan: Heya
(07/02 16:22:57) Kelsei A.T. waves hello
(07/02 16:23:14) Aurelias: shorah Hazado 🙂
(07/02 16:23:22) Hazado: Shorah!
(07/02 16:23:34) Kelsei A.T.: Shorah, Haz. 🙂
(07/02 16:24:34) Aurelias: shorah vid 🙂
(07/02 16:24:37) Kelsei A.T.: shorah, vid
(07/02 16:24:46) vid says hey
(07/02 16:25:08) Hazado waves hello
(07/02 16:25:18) Kelsei A.T.: good luck climbing up there, Aurelias,
(07/02 16:25:32) Aurelias: Seems to be pretty sturdy!
(07/02 16:25:32) Kelsei A.T.: that’s pretty high up!
(07/02 16:25:38) Hazado: Climbing up where?
(07/02 16:25:48) Hazado: You can get up top?
(07/02 16:25:54) Hazado: Seems dangerous
(07/02 16:26:03) Kelsei A.T.: should be stable, I heard Calum was rather nitpicky about that structure during testing.
(07/02 16:26:08) Aurelias: thor-ham and I managed to reach the top of the central spiral.
(07/02 16:26:27) Cpt.Jericho: Hi all
(07/02 16:26:28) Kelsei A.T.: nicely done!
(07/02 16:26:30) Aurelias: shorah Captain!
(07/02 16:26:34) Kelsei A.T.: quite a bit to climb here, it seems
(07/02 16:27:12) Sleeper Jan: heya
(07/02 16:27:15) Kelsei A.T. admires the artwork…
(07/02 16:27:35) Aurelias: shorah mafasa 🙂
(07/02 16:27:39) mafasa: shorah everyone
(07/02 16:27:57) mafasa: hey auralias:)
(07/02 16:28:02) vid: Hm… so where are we this time? I’m watching for the beam to at least help determine whereabouts we are.
(07/02 16:28:23) Aurelias: Yes, I was speaking with Patrick earlier about the lack of beam.
(07/02 16:28:34) vid: Oh, is there no beam? Dang.
(07/02 16:28:38) Aurelias: He wasn’t sure exactly where in the cavern this is located.
(07/02 16:28:47) vid: oh well.
(07/02 16:28:47) Kelsei A.T.: no KI coords, so we’re in an area that’s rather scrambled,
(07/02 16:28:54) Kelsei A.T.: much like K’veer or the Pubs,
(07/02 16:29:15) Sleeper Jan: i prefer this than the too bright one
(07/02 16:29:16) Kelsei A.T.: we’re not on Ae’gura, atleast, with a lack of GZ beam.
(07/02 16:30:05) vid: given how far out the beam reaches, that’s surprising.
(07/02 16:30:24) vid: genuinely unsure if accident or on purpose
(07/02 16:30:26) Kelsei A.T.: hm?
(07/02 16:30:43) Kelsei A.T.: how far out do you know the beam reaches?
(07/02 16:30:58) Kelsei A.T.: ive never seen it anywhere but in Ae’gura’s immediate area,
(07/02 16:31:01) Aurelias: Can the beam pass through rock? Maybe we’re in a side-cave off the edge of the cavern?
(07/02 16:31:06) vid: I mean, it hits the ‘hoods on the wall, that’s pretty wide.
(07/02 16:31:07) Cpt.Jericho: It doesn’t reach the surface
(07/02 16:31:22) Kelsei A.T.: i’ve… never seen the beam hit the hoods?
(07/02 16:31:32) Cpt.Jericho: I have Kelsei
(07/02 16:31:37) Kelsei A.T.: maybe ive never spent enough time there
(07/02 16:31:51) vid: Try standing around in a ‘hood for a minute or two. It sweeps by pretty quick at that range, but it’s there.
(07/02 16:31:59) Kelsei A.T.: curious, that’s something I’ll have to look into
(07/02 16:32:25) Cpt.Jericho: It’s further away from the source, so the beam moves faster there
(07/02 16:32:50) Cpt.Jericho: Curve speed and stuff
(07/02 16:33:02) vid: Precisely.
(07/02 16:33:05) Kelsei A.T.: ill definitely have to look into it, then,
(07/02 16:33:21) Kelsei A.T.: must be a very fast sweep if i’ve never seen it.
(07/02 16:33:22) vid: trying to think of places that the beam DOESN’T reach…. the Descent… uh… Uran? I’m not sure about Uran, actually.
(07/02 16:33:47) Aurelias: I think you’re right, I’ve never seen it in Uran.
(07/02 16:34:14) Kelsei A.T.: the silo? I don’t believe the beam hits there either,
[Jules Arives]

(07/02 16:34:24) Aurelias: shorah Jules 🙂
(07/02 16:34:24) vid: I honestly can’t remember. I’ve spent more time in neighborhoods than probably anywhere else in D’ni, so that one is easy… Uran is kind of in-n-out as fast as possible.
(07/02 16:34:28) Kelsei A.T.: oh, Hello, Jules! great timing,
(07/02 16:34:47) Jules Lavisham: Evening Kelsei!
(07/02 16:35:04) vid: Very fond of the art. Is it surface or D’ni?
(07/02 16:35:06) Cpt.Jericho: Dinner’s ready. Time to move out
(07/02 16:35:07) Kelsei A.T.: evening, maybe you can answer a few questions that I’m unaware of the answers of.
(07/02 16:35:10) Cpt.Jericho: Nighteverybody
(07/02 16:35:13) Cpt.Jericho waves goodbye
(07/02 16:35:14) Kelsei A.T.: goodnight, cpt.
(07/02 16:35:17) Aurelias: Patrick was saying it’s D’ni
(07/02 16:35:18) Adi: YAY
(07/02 16:35:30) vid: Neat. Always happy to see more D’ni art.
(07/02 16:35:39) Kelsei A.T.: do you happen to know if the name “Vothol” would be a location name or a D’ni person’s name?
(07/02 16:35:40) Adi: but tell doobes it’s not a surprise when it’s always one day before the agm 😛
(07/02 16:35:46) Kelsei A.T.: im personally unaware of that,
(07/02 16:35:49) Sleeper Jan: gonna check something
(07/02 16:35:51) Aurelias leans right
(07/02 16:35:52) Scharminius leans left
(07/02 16:35:53) Sleeper Jan: brb
(07/02 16:36:08) Kelsei A.T. waves hello
(07/02 16:36:11) Player added.
(07/02 16:36:16) Kelsei A.T.: shorah, scharm.
(07/02 16:36:17) Scharminius waves hello
(07/02 16:36:38) Jules Lavisham: Hmm, interesting. Instinct for me would be a person’s name.
(07/02 16:36:43) WaIIaby waves hello
(07/02 16:36:51) Scharminius: Kelsei, you’ve got reverse D’ni style today! Shades in the Cavern… 😉
(07/02 16:36:54) Kelsei A.T.: agreed, but im unsure of whether it is or not.
(07/02 16:36:56) Jules Lavisham: Especially as it’s a gallery. That denotes some manner of private collection.
(07/02 16:37:03) Kelsei A.T.: hm? shades? No, these are my glasses.
(07/02 16:37:07) vid: Hm… wherever we are, we can’t even get an inkling of a wall from here. Where the hell are we?!
(07/02 16:37:11) Kelsei A.T.: i do wear them from time to time.
(07/02 16:37:46) Jules Lavisham: Speaking of, blimey! What a place!
(07/02 16:37:51) Kelsei A.T.: where are we is a good question, that’s for sure…
(07/02 16:38:20) Scharminius: oh… you must have those newer glasses, like car windows, where you can easily see out… but not the other way around…
(07/02 16:38:30) vid: the lake seems very shallow here… so very probably right up against a wall?
(07/02 16:38:34) Kelsei A.T.: oh? the transition lenses? yes, yes,
(07/02 16:38:57) Kelsei A.T.: if i had to guess, throwing a knife at the map… Rudenna cavern perhaps?
(07/02 16:39:12) Kelsei A.T.: there’s a few narrow passageways in that lower section of the Cavern,
(07/02 16:39:26) Kelsei A.T.: it’d certainly be far enough out
(07/02 16:39:49) Jules Lavisham examines one of the pictures
(07/02 16:39:50) vid: Maybe. This doesn’t seem all that narrow, though. Again… there’s no wall in sight, unless there’s one directly behind the entrance.
(07/02 16:40:06) vid: feels like we may be at the edge of a particularly wide area?
(07/02 16:40:17) Kelsei A.T.: potentially,
(07/02 16:40:22) Kelsei A.T. shrugs
(07/02 16:40:22) Jules Lavisham: Has a beam from the Zero passed this way yet?
(07/02 16:40:25) Kelsei A.T.: no, no beam
(07/02 16:40:31) Kelsei A.T.: we’re quite far out for that, evidently,
(07/02 16:40:58) Scharminius wants to call it a neutrino beam, remembering TNG-style vessel scanning
(07/02 16:41:08) vid: …whoever designed this place sure loved pen nibs, even by D’ni standards.
(07/02 16:41:21) Kelsei A.T.: Must’ve been a Writer, perhaps?
(07/02 16:41:22) vid: Sch: It is a neutrino beam, per Laxman’s notes.
(07/02 16:41:22) WaIIaby looks around for a bit
(07/02 16:41:23) Adi: (i feel dumb, can’t find the link in spot 😛 )
(07/02 16:41:26) Kelsei A.T.: or they repurposed the gallery
(07/02 16:41:33) Scharminius: thanks vid
(07/02 16:41:40) Kelsei A.T. points
(07/02 16:41:44) Kelsei A.T.: link in is down that way
(07/02 16:41:46) Adi: ah there
(07/02 16:41:51) Adi: thanks 😀 😀 😀
(07/02 16:41:56) Thumbs up from Kelsei A.T.
(07/02 16:42:01) Adi: i remember it more wide
(07/02 16:42:31) Jules Lavisham: Any accompanying commentary notes on the artwork?
(07/02 16:42:37) Kelsei A.T.: there was a colapse a while back, as i recall,
(07/02 16:42:44) Kelsei A.T.: none that ive seen, would be nice, though,
(07/02 16:43:19) Kelsei A.T.: i wonder if there was any documentation to start or if it just got lost over time?
(07/02 16:43:28) Kelsei A.T.: never can tell with these older areas.
(07/02 16:44:02) Kelsei A.T.: these are very odd paintings, though, i must say.
(07/02 16:44:14) Kelsei A.T.: paint on glass it looks like?
(07/02 16:44:27) Kelsei A.T.: or maybe something more durable?
(07/02 16:44:33) WaIIaby is checking something out
(07/02 16:44:43) Aurelias: They do seem semi-translucent, don’t they?
(07/02 16:44:44) Kelsei A.T.: definitely not the usual canvases you’d see elsewhere, that’s for sure.
(07/02 16:45:44) Adi: i;ll sit here for a few, don’t mind me
(07/02 16:45:54) Adi: say it’s some fossil on the rocks
(07/02 16:46:34) Jules Lavisham: Hmm, this one’s more faded than the rest
(07/02 16:46:49) Kelsei A.T.: yes, odd,
(07/02 16:47:00) Kelsei A.T.: doesnt seem to have a light source shining on it like the others, either
(07/02 16:47:26) Aurelias: You can see some more detail from this side, using the light from the central spiral.
(07/02 16:47:46) Kelsei A.T.: oh, so you can
(07/02 16:47:56) Kelsei A.T.: broad shouldered figure,
(07/02 16:48:04) Aurelias: Looks like it might be a very abstract portrait.
(07/02 16:48:15) Kelsei A.T.: or maybe someone the artist regreted drawing?
(07/02 16:48:19) Aurelias: I wonder if the crack is intentional?
(07/02 16:48:21) Kelsei A.T.: the glass is split rather cleanly down the middle, too
(07/02 16:48:41) Kelsei A.T. is checking something out
(07/02 16:48:57) Kelsei A.T.: reminds me of the shape you see used for the statues in Kemo and Delin
(07/02 16:49:04) Jules Lavisham: Hmm. They all seem to be of women. The artist’s partners, perhaps?
(07/02 16:49:19) Kelsei A.T.: oo la la
(07/02 16:49:27) Kelsei A.T.: i could see that,
(07/02 16:50:06) Kelsei A.T.: a love scorned then?
(07/02 16:50:30) Jules Lavisham: Could be. Why else woud you destroy the picture, yet go to the trouble of displaying it?
(07/02 16:50:59) Kelsei A.T.: hell hath no fury,
(07/02 16:51:01) Kelsei A.T.: as they say
(07/02 16:51:05) Aurelias: Hey, now I’m art, too!
(07/02 16:51:18) Kelsei A.T. waves hello
(07/02 16:51:18) Scharminius: 🙂
(07/02 16:51:20) Jules Lavisham laughs
(07/02 16:51:21) Kelsei A.T. grins
(07/02 16:51:23) Kelsei A.T.: nice!
(07/02 16:52:15) Kelsei A.T. tries to climb the rock… and fails…
(07/02 16:52:17) Jules Lavisham inspects the ceiling
(07/02 16:52:21) Kelsei A.T.: im not much of a climber… oof.
(07/02 16:52:41) Jules Lavisham: Hmm… doesn’t look like there’s much in the way of roof acces
(07/02 16:52:48) Adi: i wonder if there’s still a way for inside the rose
(07/02 16:52:52) Kelsei A.T.: i think Calum scaled up to the top of the place during the survey work,
(07/02 16:53:06) MEL 18 waves hello
(07/02 16:53:06) Kelsei A.T.: let me check my phone… I think he sent me a photo…
(07/02 16:53:08) Aurelias: There is Adi. thor-ham and I were able to earlier.
(07/02 16:53:16) Kelsei A.T. scrolls through old messages…
(07/02 16:53:18) Adi: awesome!
(07/02 16:53:18) Scharminius leans right
(07/02 16:53:22) Aurelias: It’s hard to get to the top, though.
(07/02 16:53:22) MEL 18 leans left
(07/02 16:53:32) Aurelias: We were only able to do it once each!
(07/02 16:53:48) Jules Lavisham: Didn’t say anything about any nearby landmarks did he by any chance, Kelsei?
(07/02 16:53:51) Kelsei A.T.: yep, from a while back, he sent me a picture from inside the thing,
(07/02 16:53:53) Adi: once is cool as long as you took many photos 😀
(07/02 16:54:14) Kelsei A.T.: Calum? No, i think he’s tried figuring it out, but to no success
(07/02 16:54:27) Kelsei A.T.: Patrick didn’t seem to know either, from what Aurelias said.
(07/02 16:54:31) Aurelias: Just sent you a few 🙂
(07/02 16:55:08) Kelsei A.T.: i think we’d likely need to ask the person who first worked on this place about its location
(07/02 16:55:11) Kelsei A.T.: Rustee, i think?
(07/02 16:55:15) Aurelias: Yes
(07/02 16:55:54) Aurelias: Patrick said it was Keith Lord who found the artwork
(07/02 16:56:05) Kelsei A.T.: Ah, Keith, I thought that was his work,
(07/02 16:56:07) Jules Lavisham takes a few more snaps for his files
(07/02 16:56:10) Kelsei A.T.: or, rather, restoration work.
(07/02 16:56:37) Kelsei A.T.: Have you seen the piece he restored of the Watcher the other month?
(07/02 16:56:47) Kelsei A.T.: that’s quite the piece,
(07/02 16:58:45) Kelsei A.T. ‘s alarm goes off…
(07/02 16:58:49) Kelsei A.T.: ah, and that’s me. I gotta go.
(07/02 16:59:03) Kelsei A.T.: ill see you all around,
(07/02 16:59:05) Aurelias: Good to see you again, Kelsei
(07/02 16:59:06) Adi: bye kelsei
(07/02 16:59:06) Kelsei A.T.: happy climbing 🙂
(07/02 16:59:09) Aurelias: Take care!
(07/02 16:59:09) Kelsei A.T. waves goodbye
(07/02 16:59:20) Jules Lavisham: See you later, Kelsei
(07/02 16:59:30) From Kelsei A.T.: ill tell calum you got a log of Patrick being here. 🙂 I’m sure he’ll appreciate it.
(07/02 16:59:31) Scharminius: seeya, Kelsei
(07/02 16:59:37) Kelsei A.T.: 🙂 later, everyone.
(07/02 17:00:03) Sleeper Jan: bye kel
[Kelsei Leaves]
(07/02 17:01:08) Jules Lavisham: There we go, that’s enough snaps for now
(07/02 17:01:23) Aurelias: Filled up your KI, I hope!
(07/02 17:01:52) Jules Lavisham: Most certainly!
(07/02 17:02:40) Sleeper Jan: time i go too
(07/02 17:02:44) Sleeper Jan: bye guys
(07/02 17:02:48) Aurelias: Bye Jan!
(07/02 17:02:50) Scharminius: bye Jan
(07/02 17:03:08) Aurelias waves goodbye
(07/02 17:03:11) Jules Lavisham: Something else to go on the twitter other than endless RT’s of Old Sarum and Hadrian’s Wall
(07/02 17:04:03) Aurelias: Welcome back, thor-ham 🙂
(07/02 17:04:23) thor-ham: Sorry it took me longer than expercted.
(07/02 17:04:28) thor-ham waves hello
(07/02 17:04:31) Aurelias: I haven’t been able to get to the top again!
(07/02 17:04:36) Aurelias: Not for lack of trying!
(07/02 17:04:37) thor-ham: wow!
(07/02 17:04:55) Jules Lavisham: Right, think I’ll get a fresh pellet batch on the go then see about uploading these
(07/02 17:05:39) thor-ham: maybe we need some glue for our feet?
(07/02 17:05:41) Jules Lavisham: See if I can point anyone else nearby here while I’m at it
(07/02 17:05:53) Jules Lavisham: Take care all, have a good evening
(07/02 17:06:07) Aurelias: Bye Jules!
(07/02 17:06:18) thor-ham: by Jules
(07/02 17:06:20) Jules Lavisham: Oh, @profjules is the Twitter handle if you want to check out the pictures
(07/02 17:06:29) Aurelias: Thanks!
(07/02 17:06:30) Jules Lavisham: Not to shamelessly self promote or anything
(07/02 17:06:38) Jules Lavisham grins like a good’un
(07/02 17:06:51) Jules Lavisham waves goodbye
[Jules leaves]

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