“See the Arts at VOTHOL GALLERY!”

An explorer in green jacket, blue pants, and black boots walks through an orange-filtered image of Vothol Gallery. In stark relief, a blue cone of light shines from a lamp, matching the blue text reading “See the Arts at VOTHOL GALLERY” over the top of the screen.

Vothol Gallery has just been released to the Public. Originally restored by Rustee and initially released to the Public in August of 2010, Vothol Gallery hosts several pieces of art recovered by Keith Lord. After an Earthquake collapsed the entry tunnel, work was done to bring the age back into structural stability and re-release it to the public.

This Hard To Pinpoint Cavern Location’s exact location is currently a mystery up for debate.

“Not much known about the place. Located on one of the private islands, it was the property of the Guild of Writers, obviously. At the time of the Fall it was a showcase of ages for everyone to visit, while the original purpose of this place is yet to be discovered.” – Rusty

Postcards Available in the Gift Shop.

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