“Welcome to Sunny Tre’bivdil”

A girl in a green shirt and blue shorts sits on one of the grass squares in Trebivdil, feet resting in the water. Her arm is angled to cover her face from the sun. The Text “Welcome to Sunny Tre’bivdil” resides in the sky above.

Tre’bivdil is a Garden Age of D’ni origin, found and restored first by Lontahv- released to the public in limited manners on November 21st, 2008. It has been available in some regard through the Guild of Writers or other means in the time since.

Recently, it underwent some extreme tidal weather, requiring a refocus in work by Patrick’s Restoration Group. Presently, the stairwell to lower areas is closed off due to flood damages that were deemed irreparable at the present moment. The Age was rerelased to the public on 6/4/2021.

For more information, see the Guild of Archivists Wiki.

Postcards Available in the Giftshop.

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