Kelsei and Jules, Watchers & Trebivdil

After someone pranked the Watchers Pub, Kelsei And Jules Lavisham went to see the recently released Tre’bivdil before the All Guilds Meet.

[Log Provided by Kelsei A.T.]

(06/05 12:05:13) Jules Lavisham: Well, I suppose that solves… that?
(06/05 12:06:11) Kelsei A.T.: well, that was… odd
(06/05 12:06:33) Jules Lavisham: It was! Concerned my thoughts immediately went to some manner of conspiracy.
(06/05 12:06:45) Kelsei A.T.: yes, same.
(06/05 12:06:55) Kelsei A.T.: Calum’s told me of quite a few books that vanished during testing.
(06/05 12:06:55) Jules Lavisham: Really should stop flexing the paranoia gland so much.
(06/05 12:07:06) Kelsei A.T.: my mind leaped to paranoia of someone swiping things
(06/05 12:07:10) Jules Lavisham: The pineal gland, now that’s where I’m told it’s at.
(06/05 12:07:33) Jules Lavisham: Calum? Oh wait, yes! He mentioned you!
(06/05 12:07:47) Kelsei A.T.: oh! yes, you’re that Jules, aren’t you?
(06/05 12:07:54) Kelsei A.T.: Calum’s mentioned you too!
(06/05 12:08:22) Kelsei A.T.: it’s a pleasure to meet you. 🙂
(06/05 12:08:22) Jules Lavisham: That’s right! He said you were doing some translation work for the new restoration.
(06/05 12:08:33) Kelsei A.T.: yes, a bit here and there,
(06/05 12:08:54) Jules Lavisham: Likewise. I’d imagined somewhat less surrealer circumstances, but hey ho.
(06/05 12:09:07) Briggs: Everything seems to be back now… but let me know if you find my wallet anywhere around here.
(06/05 12:09:08) Kelsei A.T.: yes, what strange things.
(06/05 12:09:14) Kelsei A.T.: ill keep my eyes open, Briggs.
(06/05 12:09:20) Kelsei A.T.: thank you again for the quick response
(06/05 12:09:26) Briggs: Certainly 🙂
(06/05 12:09:29) Jules Lavisham: Likewise. That was quick work, that man.
(06/05 12:09:47) Kelsei A.T.: strange happenings these days.
(06/05 12:09:47) Briggs (I’m on the surface, be back in a minute):
(06/05 12:09:49) Kelsei A.T.: very strange.
(06/05 12:10:02) Jules Lavisham: So what else is new…
(06/05 12:10:13) Kelsei A.T.: i was going to visit Tre’bivdil for a bit

[Linking to Tre’bivdil]

(06/05 12:11:12) Kelsei A.T.: Oh, this is nice. 🙂
(06/05 12:11:13) Jules Lavisham (I’m on the surface, be back in a minute):
(06/05 12:11:34) Kelsei A.T. looks around for a bit
(06/05 12:11:57) Jules Lavisham: Yes, puts in mind of something European
(06/05 12:12:02) Kelsei A.T.: IIRC this was Lontahv’s work, wasn’t it?
(06/05 12:12:30) Jules Lavisham: From what I remember. I’m not too clued up with explorer-written ages
(06/05 12:12:40) Jules Lavisham: Really should rectify that at some point
(06/05 12:12:42) Kelsei A.T.: did he write it or restore it? I dont think ive ever been clear on that.
(06/05 12:12:50) Kelsei A.T.: I suspect Patrick will talk about it at the AGM.
(06/05 12:13:12) Jules Lavisham: Yes, I’m hoping he can shed some light on those recent DRC leaks
(06/05 12:13:18) Kelsei A.T.: fascinating things!
(06/05 12:13:34) Kelsei A.T.: id wish there was more language based data in there,
(06/05 12:13:35) J’Kla (I’m on the surface, be back in a minute):
(06/05 12:13:53) caver1: I saw this age in Ghen shard.
(06/05 12:13:59) Jules Lavisham: They are! I’ve given some of them a quick look.
(06/05 12:14:20) Jules Lavisham: Some of them I have absolutely no idea how the DRC would even start getting them ready for public visitations
(06/05 12:14:22) Briggs: Looks like Tre’bivdil’s book was placed, I missed that
(06/05 12:14:33) Kelsei A.T.: yes, Calum texted me late last night,
(06/05 12:14:34) Briggs: Explains the activity in Watchers, maybe
(06/05 12:14:47) Kelsei A.T.: apparently it got placed while he was eating dinner, or something
(06/05 12:14:53) Briggs: Nice!
(06/05 12:14:54) Kelsei A.T.: a stealth release!
(06/05 12:15:09) Jules Lavisham: I hadn’t seen any announcements about Tre’bivdil. I looked in earlier this morning
(06/05 12:15:19) Kelsei A.T.: yes, I think that was the intent?
(06/05 12:15:34) Kelsei A.T.: Patrick seemed to be eager to avoid a large crowd again.
(06/05 12:15:34) Jules Lavisham: Held off of posting about it. Not that my 30 odd followers on Twitter would have caused a sudden rush ^_^
(06/05 12:15:45) Briggs: Or Patrick was sleepwalking with the linking book
(06/05 12:15:46) Jules Lavisham: Baffling platform
(06/05 12:16:03) Kelsei A.T.: Yes, I’ve avoided the social platforms,
(06/05 12:16:21) Kelsei A.T.: won’t get me on Discord or the like.
(06/05 12:16:35) Kelsei A.T.: i”ve seen Calum get sucked into a conversation for frustrating lengths of time.
(06/05 12:16:44) Briggs starts to laugh
(06/05 12:16:44) Kelsei A.T.: i’ll be content to stick to a KI and Phone texts 🙂
(06/05 12:16:57) Briggs: Why, I remember saying ‘who would ever want to TEXT someone’
(06/05 12:17:06) Briggs: Just call them! I’d say
(06/05 12:17:11) Briggs: Oh how times have changed
(06/05 12:17:14) Jules Lavisham: You’re not missing a tremendous amount. These days I mainly share archaelogy news and the occasional anglo-saxon meme
(06/05 12:17:27) Kelsei A.T.: memes! lovely things
(06/05 12:17:31) Briggs: I follow Jules on twitter 🙂
(06/05 12:17:36) Jules Lavisham: … possibly explains why I’m not raking in the followers
(06/05 12:17:40) Jules Lavisham laughs
(06/05 12:17:44) Kelsei A.T. giggles
(06/05 12:18:38) Kelsei A.T. looks around for a bit
(06/05 12:18:50) Kelsei A.T.: how did this tree ever grow?
(06/05 12:19:06) Briggs: Doesn’t look like it’s alive any more, at least
(06/05 12:19:08) Kelsei A.T.: is it a sculpture? it doesn’t seem rooted properly
(06/05 12:19:09) Jules Lavisham: I suppose Invincible memes about Harald at Stamford Bridge and new translations of the Greek language are a bit niche
(06/05 12:19:38) Kelsei A.T.: yes, i suppose, it does look a bit dry
(06/05 12:19:46) Jules Lavisham: All seems a bit Modern Art
(06/05 12:19:51) Briggs: I was just happy to see another explorer on twitter, Jules 🙂
(06/05 12:20:08) Kelsei A.T.: a giant metal gear!
(06/05 12:20:17) Briggs: Metal gear?!
(06/05 12:20:19) Kelsei A.T.: utterly amazing.
(06/05 12:20:23) ondine: Shorah
(06/05 12:20:27) Kelsei A.T.: shorah 🙂
(06/05 12:20:28) Briggs: Howdy ondine 🙂
(06/05 12:20:30) Aurelias: shorah ondine
(06/05 12:20:31) Jules Lavisham: Heh! Well, so long as someone finds it interesting, then that’s good enough for me
(06/05 12:20:50) Aurelias leans right
(06/05 12:20:51) ondine leans left
(06/05 12:21:14) Kelsei A.T.: ah. this must be the flooded downstairs area I’ve heard about
(06/05 12:21:31) Jules Lavisham: Hmm. Seems that way.
(06/05 12:21:40) Briggs: Yeah… I’d avoid going down there if you can, easy to get hurt
(06/05 12:21:48) Briggs: Unless you do a lot of cave diving
(06/05 12:21:55) Kelsei A.T.: reminds me a bit of the Cathedral’s tunnels, when I’ve visited that island during my translation work
(06/05 12:22:03) Kelsei A.T.: the dark and ominous vibes…
(06/05 12:22:12) Kelsei A.T.: lots of unknown things lurking in the dark
(06/05 12:22:20) Jules Lavisham: Grues?
(06/05 12:22:21) Briggs: I’d wager it’s mostly bacteria 🙂
(06/05 12:22:25) Kelsei A.T.: good thing there’s a barrier blocking the way
(06/05 12:22:56) Kelsei A.T. is a bit puzzled…
(06/05 12:23:04) Kelsei A.T.: why would anyone leave a canoe up here?
(06/05 12:23:09) Jules Lavisham inspects the canoe
(06/05 12:23:18) Briggs: It clearly represents the lament of times gone by
(06/05 12:23:19) Jules Lavisham: … yes, bit is it art
(06/05 12:23:39) Briggs: Where once it was a useful tool, all the water has gone, rendering it useless
(06/05 12:23:52) Briggs nods sagely
(06/05 12:24:04) Kelsei A.T.: indeed…
(06/05 12:24:07) Briggs starts to laugh
(06/05 12:24:13) Kelsei A.T.: hehe
(06/05 12:24:39) Jules Lavisham: Perhaps it’s a statement as to… afunctionalism
(06/05 12:24:44) Kelsei A.T. shrugs
(06/05 12:24:52) Kelsei A.T.: id assume it’s more of a statement piece…
(06/05 12:24:59) Kelsei A.T.: ‘what is a boat without water?’
(06/05 12:25:10) Aurelias: shorah Sestra 🙂
(06/05 12:25:12) Jules Lavisham: Divorced from its purpose, its meaning lies in its mere existence
(06/05 12:25:15) Kelsei A.T.: then again, there’s dirt pits with cactii growing in them
(06/05 12:25:29) Sestra: Shorah
(06/05 12:25:36) Kelsei A.T. runs a hand along a smooth portion…
(06/05 12:25:39) Kelsei A.T.: Shorah
(06/05 12:25:48) Kelsei A.T.: Ow! not quite so smooth there too. very pokey!
(06/05 12:25:56) Kelsei A.T.: but its a cactus, what did I expect?
(06/05 12:26:01) Kelsei A.T. laughs
(06/05 12:27:03) Kelsei A.T.: im a sucker for a good garden, though
(06/05 12:27:16) Kelsei A.T.: it’s like a miniature Tsogal here, just without the supersized sun
(06/05 12:27:17) ondine leans right
(06/05 12:27:18) Sestra leans right
(06/05 12:27:22) ondine leans left
(06/05 12:27:25) Aurelias: It feels good on the toes
(06/05 12:27:41) Kelsei A.T.: grass tends to
(06/05 12:28:27) Kelsei A.T.: hmm, it’s getting close to time for the AGM, i think ill make my way over 🙂
(06/05 12:28:58) Jules Lavisham: I won’t be far behind! See you there.
(06/05 12:29:01) Kelsei A.T.: hmm, i think ill change out of this robe shirt though,
(06/05 12:29:03) Kelsei A.T.: red isnt my color

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