EMAIL: “Chezacen”

SUBJ: Chezahcen
TO: Calum.T.
CC: Patrick.D.
FROM: Kelsei.A.T.

Made a breakthrough on the ‘love story’ translation. Nearly finished with it now, just an ‘epilogue’ left, but we now have a name for the Goddess depicted everywhere on the Island.

‘ch’ ‘e’ ‘z’ ‘ah’ ‘c’ ‘e’ ‘n’ in the literal D’ni font. Most likely “Cheh. Zah. Sehn.” As far as I can figure it’s pronounced.

I Don’t think it’s actually a D’ni name or word, and seems more in the style of the Pseudo-Dniglish the rest of the book is written in. I can’t get a good translation on it based on the rest of the Exten-col language available in the book so it’s either a language unrelated to it and D’ni, or it’s syllable henpecking to sound impressive.

Calum, I know we just met up this morning to discuss the progress made already, but we should schedule another meeting as soon as I’ve finished up with the book. Also, I think we now have a proper full name for the Island, with this discovery. Thoughts on calling it Chezacen Cathedral instead of Vertigo Cathedral?

Patrick, just cluing you in on the name in case you run across it anywhere. Message me if you need more info.


(NOTE: posted with permission)

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