Man, I really have been overworked the last few days. A few social niceties accidentally flew out the window and made folks uncomfortable. Again. That’s always the sign for me to force myself to take a freaking break and recharge my social batteries a bit.

As an aside, Yes, I did have permission to post the whole email exchange, I just forgot to note it because I posted the permission tag because it was late at night and I was just about half asleep. Knew I’d forgotten something, but didn’t know what.

Not surprising considering I’ve been falling behind on lots of weekly posts here.

I’ll be taking a step back from the public spotlight for a bit I think.



I think it goes without saying that I’m being entirely serious here. The IC Stuff is meant to be a story and I legit was trying to cover all my bases In Character and legit forgot the permission tag. Which is kind of hilarious considering that I thought there was implications that it was all permission given to be posted considering- well- I was posting it and not framing it as a “leak” or anything? IDK. It wasn’t meant as a “leak” of content when I was posting it, but some folk have said they felt uncomfortable with it, so. Ugh. Anyways. Yeah. I’m legit screwing up on things not just in the URU side of things and I need a legit break.

Thanks for putting up with my nonsense, and sorry for the errors.


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