Things that were and To Be

[Copied from A Development Journal]

Just saw a tease of the Activity in the Cavern jorunal being printed for Chiso.

Given that’s the 2010 journal of events–

Ah, yep, Doobes confirmed the Heritage Doc’s are being included in this print run. Nice.

It feels like a relief to have those years of hard work from all the different people involved finally commemorated.

For all the Explorers who were there.
For the DRC who worked so hard during those years.
For those of us who worked to preserve the History of those days-
Not even just myself and those who worked with me on the project
-But all the others who came before me.

It feels like a full circle, finally.

No longer just word of mouth, or a PDF on the web…

But actual books resting in an Age that people can pick up and Read.

After the day I just had, it’s a bit of levity and good news. I feel…



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