Odd Email. [The Vale Teaser Post]

[OOC Note: The following post contains text and an image posted by Doobes on the Cyan Chat Discord Channel @ 11:04 A.M. KI Time as a Teaser for Future Content. This post is for Archival Purposes of said Teaser. Contains Spoilers for the age “The Vale” – View at your own risk.]

There’s text of a somewhat redacted email with an attached image floating around now. Seems to be from Patrick relating to the Vale age.

I’ll quote it here below for posterity because you never know when someone later down the line wants to read it.

To: [Redacted]
From: Patrick Dulebohn
Date: November 6th, 2020, 12:14 KiT

Subject: The Vale mechanics

Sorry to have taken so long to get back to you, [Redacted]. I’ve been busy further cataloging the seemingly endless books in Teshafee and have only just now been able to Link over to the Vale as you asked to have a look.

You were right; upon further inspection, the decorative monument that we’ve seen in other Ages, in this instance, seems to be more than just a pleasant piece of art to admire.

There is definitely something fishy about this Age. The mix of D’ni and the native Visula cultures is definitely unusual. They’re almost overlapping each other.

This certainly wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen more beneath the surface of a D’ni Age and I highly doubt it’ll be the last.

When you get time, we’ll need one or two people familiar with D’ni tech to Link over and examine this…I guess we can officially call it a machine now? We need to see what it’s actually for and why it was put here.

We’ll keep trying to find more in Teshafee. There’s got to be more notes and commentary on this. Also, be sure to tell [Redacted] to keep plugging away at deciphering that new language. It could be key to figuring out what’s going on here.

Thanks! Talk to you soon!

– Patrick

Attachment: ValeMachine.jpg

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