Patrick had a brief thing to say at today’s AGM. Fortunately I was able to grab a copy of the chatlog to read from the GoMe website.

I’ll copy the relevant bit of log below the read more.

But for now my thoughts on it, also below the read more.

The Vale sounds like an interesting Age, and if some photos I’ve seen of a certain Age are of this “Vale” then it’s going to be an amazingly beautiful place.

The Neighborhood sounds like a fun place to visit- Surface Access potentially? Should be interesting. And that they’re working on the other end of it- the Shaft itself- that could be astonishing work. I’m eager to hear about it. If they can manage to get access to it open properly, well…

My own desires to visit the area for Historical reasons are of interest enough.
If there’s anything left over from the Journey Dr. Watson took? Ohhh… am I interested. Maybe if I can see some of that Bahro Tech close up and first hand…?

Well. At any rate. I’m excited to hear this news.

(11/07 13:32:08)Korov’ev: Shall we mention the new wave of age restoration, now?

(11/07 13:32:15)Patrick Dulebohn grins

(11/07 13:32:19)Korov’ev: We shall! Let’s hear the news from Mr. P! Or is it Mr. D?

(11/07 13:32:20)Mary Sue: Yes!!!!

(11/07 13:32:21)[X]: o.o

(11/07 13:32:35)Patrick Dulebohn waves hello

(11/07 13:32:46)Patrick Dulebohn: Greetings, my friends!

(11/07 13:32:47)rarified is dizzy between P’s and Q{D}’s

(11/07 13:32:57)Patrick Dulebohn: I’m glad to finally be back here in the cavern after a long and much-needed break.

(11/07 13:33:01)Handyman Henry needs to turn up the volume…lol

(11/07 13:33:09)Patrick Dulebohn: In fact, the whole team has been taking it easy since the opening of Chiso Preniv, Veelay Tsahvahn and the Ae’gura Messengers’ Pub back in August. They earned it!

(11/07 13:33:31)Patrick Dulebohn: So now, fully recharged, we are back to work…back to restoring more Ages!

(11/07 13:33:45)Patrick Dulebohn: We have one coming along quite nicely, in fact.

(11/07 13:33:57)Patrick Dulebohn: At the moment, we’re simply calling it “The Vale”.

(11/07 13:34:09)Patrick Dulebohn: The reason for this is because we have found *two* names for the Age: one in D’ni and another in an entirely new language we are working to decipher.

(11/07 13:34:12)Korov’ev: ohhh…

(11/07 13:34:39)Patrick Dulebohn: As such, we’re not sure exactly which one is the proper name or even if they’re the same name relative to the two languages. We’ve also noticed a mixing of these two cultures’ architecture and machinery.

(11/07 13:35:04)Patrick Dulebohn: The blending of D’ni and this new race is unusual given the somewhat xenophobic undertones D’ni culture had throughout its history, so there are many questions indeed.

(11/07 13:35:19)Prad: D’ni-Klingon

(11/07 13:35:23)[X]: well, don’t let the name stop ya!

(11/07 13:35:35)Patrick Dulebohn: We actually *did* check Klingon, but sadly, not the same.

(11/07 13:35:37)Patrick Dulebohn laughs

(11/07 13:35:44)Prad: 😀

(11/07 13:35:46)philipgr: lol

(11/07 13:35:53)Patrick Dulebohn: We’re continuing to dig into the why and how, and we’ll hopefully have some more answers on that and the Age in general the closer we get to opening the Age to the public.

(11/07 13:36:10)Patrick Dulebohn: Cavern-side, we’ve also made great strides in restoring another neighborhood in D’ni called Kotsahvosahn, roughly translated to the more pedestrian “eighth gateway”.

(11/07 13:36:37)Patrick Dulebohn: This may be because it has the trademark “valve” doors that lead into a series of tunnels branching out of the cavern into the rock, which, as you know, includes the path to the surface.

(11/07 13:36:47)shokhootahn Rehn has heard that Book of Ti’Ana is better in the original Klingon

(11/07 13:37:04)Patrick Dulebohn: This makes sense as the hood was used as a waystation for…you guessed it…the Guild of Messengers!

(11/07 13:37:25)Patrick Dulebohn: We’re still working on testing these tunnels for structural integrity, but the hood itself is pretty sound.

(11/07 13:37:39)Patrick Dulebohn: We hope to open Kotsahvosahn soon after The Vale.

(11/07 13:37:50)Patrick Dulebohn: Speaking of the path to the surface…

(11/07 13:38:01)Patrick Dulebohn: …we’ve been looking into repairing the Great Shaft itself.

(11/07 13:38:02)Korov’ev: Safety first!

(11/07 13:38:15)[X]: wow!! very exciting!

(11/07 13:38:17)Claidi Song starts to laugh

(11/07 13:38:18)philipgr: Put on your hard hat

(11/07 13:38:20)Patrick Dulebohn: For those that don’t know, heavy seismic activity from around 2005 rendered most of it impassible, but we’ve been carefully proceeding into the damaged areas to see if we can fix the worst parts.

(11/07 13:38:22)MindWalker: woah

(11/07 13:38:31)Handyman Henry: never took it off!!!

(11/07 13:38:41)Sol’omon: I’ve got mine!

(11/07 13:38:42)Patrick Dulebohn: We still need to consult with the DRC on the best methods to proceed, however. Depending on the circumstances, we may not be able to reopen it fully.

(11/07 13:38:51)Patrick Dulebohn: Best to always wear a hard hat down here.

(11/07 13:38:53)Patrick Dulebohn winks

(11/07 13:39:03)Handyman Henry: and a mask????

(11/07 13:39:07)philipgr: lol

(11/07 13:39:08)Lu*: lol

(11/07 13:39:08)Patrick Dulebohn: Still…never say never! We’ll keep you posted.

(11/07 13:39:14)Patrick Dulebohn: That too…at least for now.

(11/07 13:39:16)Patrick Dulebohn nods

(11/07 13:39:26)Patrick Dulebohn: Lastly, I want to thank you all for the wonderful feedback on the work we’ve done so far. It’s very invigorating seeing people filling these Ages, although admittedly, they’re a bit utilitarian.

(11/07 13:39:37)Handyman Henry: Only place I don’t absolutely have to

(11/07 13:39:46)Patrick Dulebohn: Although I do plan to start doing some decorating in the Pub for special occasions.

(11/07 13:39:50)Patrick Dulebohn grins

(11/07 13:40:12)Patrick Dulebohn: Plus, you’ve all been rather sneaky trying to get back into the side rooms. I may have to put some of our cone friends in there to guard the place.

(11/07 13:40:25)Handyman Henry: need a masked avatart? I think not

(11/07 13:40:26)Patrick Dulebohn: Plus a beach ball for added fun. I believe you call him Eddie?

(11/07 13:40:34)Patrick Dulebohn laughs

(11/07 13:41:07)Handyman Henry: avatard

(11/07 13:41:20)PodHopper: Eddie needs better fysics though 🙂

(11/07 13:41:21)Scharminius hasn’t bothered translating the names Eddie calls us…

(11/07 13:41:33)philipgr: So thats where Kirel’s Eddie ewent

(11/07 13:41:39)Patrick Dulebohn: In any case, there will be more to see…from us and your fellow explorers…as we go into 2021.

(11/07 13:41:52)Eternal Seeker: heek tables

(11/07 13:41:59)Patrick Dulebohn: So please continue to donate to the CAVCON fund to keep the lights on around here until we can open up more.

(11/07 13:42:07)[X]: good stuff doobes! thank you and the crew for making dreams come true.

(11/07 13:42:08)Korov’ev: dabo tables… wait…

(11/07 13:42:09)Patrick Dulebohn: This new era is just getting warmed up!

(11/07 13:42:15)TikiBear: LOL

(11/07 13:42:24)Mary Sue thanks you very much!

(11/07 13:42:32)Briggs: !!

(11/07 13:42:32)Patrick Dulebohn: The Ferengi may object to that. Hehehe.

(11/07 13:42:32)EthanEver faints

(11/07 13:42:35)Patrick Dulebohn: Any questions?

(11/07 13:42:45)Korov’ev: yep

(11/07 13:42:54)Korov’ev: Our next question is from Boywhith.

(11/07 13:42:55)Korov’ev: [Boywhith] This new language… is that another D’ni language, or from others?

(11/07 13:42:56)Patrick Dulebohn: Fire away, Mr. Kor.

(11/07 13:42:58)Handyman Henry hands out and waving

(11/07 13:43:21)Patrick Dulebohn: The new language, as far as we know at the moment, is entierly new and not an offshoot of D’ni.

(11/07 13:43:32)Korov’ev: The Pento? That would be a bit worring :p

(11/07 13:43:43)Boywhith: Wow… exiting!

(11/07 13:43:50)Korov’ev: Our next question is from Mary Sue.

(11/07 13:43:50)Korov’ev: [Mary Sue] ? Will this hood be accessed via nexus or new library?

(11/07 13:43:51)Patrick Dulebohn: Hopefully not, but we’re maybe 70 percent sure it’s not the Pento.

(11/07 13:44:16)Patrick Dulebohn: We have not decided yet. Most likely a new Book in Chiso.

(11/07 13:44:25)Mary Sue thanks you very much!

(11/07 13:44:33)Patrick Dulebohn: Still, that will only be released when the Age is safe for all of you to visit.

(11/07 13:44:36)Korov’ev: Our next question is from Briggs.

(11/07 13:44:36)Korov’ev: [Briggs] Q: So when can we move in to the new hood? 😉

(11/07 13:44:37)Patrick Dulebohn nods

(11/07 13:44:38)[X]: imagine all the books that can fit in Chiso!

(11/07 13:45:06)Patrick Dulebohn: Ha! You can technically move in once we’ve cleared the place for safety reasons. Then you can stay all you want!

(11/07 13:45:18)Briggs grins

(11/07 13:45:34)Prad: It will take ages to fill Chiso with books…

(11/07 13:45:35)Patrick Dulebohn: We are hoping to open up a dwelling or two, if only for display.

(11/07 13:45:59)Korov’ev: but no toilets, in keeping with D’ni tradition

(11/07 13:46:08)Briggs laughs

(11/07 13:46:11)Scharminius: it will take books to fill Chiso with ages

(11/07 13:46:14)Patrick Dulebohn: Yes, the D’ni dunny jokes would be endless.

(11/07 13:46:18)Handyman Henry: lol

(11/07 13:46:21)Patrick Dulebohn grins

(11/07 13:46:24)Patrick Dulebohn: Any other questions?

(11/07 13:46:43)Korov’ev: none in queue

(11/07 13:46:53)Patrick Dulebohn: I’ll be around, so don’t worry if you think of one later.

(11/07 13:46:57)Patrick Dulebohn: Thank you!

(11/07 13:47:00)Patrick Dulebohn bows

(11/07 13:47:07)[X]: good luck doobes! and thank you again!!

(11/07 13:47:13)Korov’ev: Thank you Patrick!

(11/07 13:47:19)Patrick Dulebohn: Although later means another day. I must dash and get back to work.

(11/07 13:47:23)Patrick Dulebohn salutes

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