‘Exodus’ Anniversary.

It’s been 13 Years since the Bahro War came to Ae’gura and swarmed the Arch, and flew through the air, startling and scaring so many.

Another few days, it’ll have been 13 years since Yeesha lead the War away into the unknown.

EDIT: Tomorrow. I’ve been informed it was Tomorrow Yeesha appeared in K’veer.

How time flies.

What’s Yeesha up to now? What’s the status of the war?

Nobody knows. Thirteen years and nobody knows.

How time flies indeed.

8 thoughts on “‘Exodus’ Anniversary.

      1. deus ex predicted the future

        On Wed, Nov 4, 2020 at 3:49 PM Traveler’s Cavern Log wrote:

        > calumtravler commented: “?? huh??” >


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