Vertigo Revisit

The Lighting in this age constantly astounds me with every visit.

It rapidly becomes more apparent that these crystals are definitely putting out light sources of their own- to the point it becomes very hard to tell what’s actually putting out more light- the nebulous clouds in the distance, or the crystals themselves?

More, the giant crystals in the distance that seem far enough out to be obscured by the fog in some manner are just as intriguing to look at, but also seems light absorbing to a degree?

It’s really quite a confounding paradox to observe.

Still, the age seems stable. More stable than when I first linked in. The trick I discovered seems to have worked to keep things steady, though I’m still researching other means of making things… stilled. Permanently. Just to cover my bases.

I think most of my work here in this part of the age is done, beyond the obvious shuffling of books around as needed once I get things stable. Vertigo… may be phase 4 finally? We’ll see if I can get someone in to really review it. If I can get the island up to speed… Forget the Pod area for now, I wonder if I could accelerate the release and aim for the new year?

That may be too ambitious. The island still needs far more work before its ready.

Though, there’s the question of THAT part of the age to contend with for the moment. If I can find a way to coax an island to float out of the chain… Getting to it would be next to impossible for the moment. Sealing it away might be my best bet for explorer safety, but I’m not confident enough in my ability to wrangle these crystals.

Almost like they have a mind of their own, sometimes.

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