sunday? not today.

[copied from a journal]


A significant date for some folk. Not so much for others.

Happy Cascade Day, for those that remember that.

Planning on hanging out with Kate and WS in a game this morning, but I seem to be the only one up right now.

Time for a pellet run, I guess.

Heard for a second time now since Chiso Preniv’s release about people trying to link into the new areas and getting…


Linked to private instances instead of the public one.

Seems to me like something or someone is trying to create private instances for people to use these areas with.

I wonder if I should be concerned of people getting caught in private versions of my areas, too?

That’d be especially concerning of the Pod area because if they DID wind up in a private instance of that age…

Well, either A: It means my changes are propagating across to OTHER people’s private instances.

Or B: They’re getting private instances of MY private instance!!

…That sentence sounds so weird out of context.

What’s interesting about this newest incident is it also involved Ahnonay.

People tried linking through the same book and wound up in different versions of it without the usual song and dance.

WHY does it feel like the ‘magic’ of Instancing that Yeesha put on the Cavern and the Ages is starting to become unraveled?

I feel like a thorough investigation of some kind needs to be had of the books before this becomes a wider issue.

Linked into the Pub, confronted immediately by a picture of people crowded into the old DRC office.


Waited to write this entry, saw another picture of Sharper’s office absolutely crowded.

Ah, Hood of Illusionists stuff.

How they manage some of those tricks is intriguing to me, but not something I’ve really dug into.

I wonder if there’s some way to use that to investigate what’s going on here
or if I’m just trying to do my usual thing and troubleshoot issues I can’t troubleshoot.

Let’s be honest it’s probably the latter.

It’s snowing on the surface. Happy Snow Day to Colorado.

May we finally smother out some of this dryness with some wet and cold.

raises mug of chocolate milk in toast

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