Rock with a View.

[copied from dev journal]

Brought in a Vertigo Crystal, too, and did some link-in-link-outs infront of it to trigger a controlled growth cycle.

It Grew as Expected until I put a book back to Vertigo near it. I still don’t get why that makes them stop growing, but I’ll take it.

I’ll get some smaller crystals off of some growth-stalled areas and try to see how that works.

May wind up hiding more books near them if necessary. Atleast at this temp stage that ought to control the reactions.

…Though some of these walls might want to have the extra support. I’m leery of the massive overhanging cliff-faces.

Smaller crystals added, didn’t get them to grow nearly as much as the first one, but that’s fine.

I wonder if there’s some resonance thing going on? Doesn’t really matter, I suppose.

I’m not in a mood to speculate about it right now.

Climbed up to the top of the island. The very top. The tip. The peak. The penultimate point of peril.

It’s tall, and the view is… somewhat wonky. I can’t tell if it’s just the height playing tricks on me or-

Either way. It’s a view. One majorly vertigo inducing view.

Anyone who makes it up here is pretty brave, I gotta say.

Saw that there was atleast a second large cat statue thing elsewhere on the cliffs than the one I thought was there.
Oh, that’s there too, but, there’s a second one. Grand total of SIX large cat statues.
Seems oddly specific and arbritary if you ask me.

I’ve examined one of the two journals I found here in some detail. The one with the weird handwriting.
It’s shorter, and looks to be either a poem book, or… Clue Book maybe? Clues to what though?

I’ll have to seriously see about translating it.

Untarped some kind of…. stone sofa???

There’s something stylistically familiar about the general shaping of it.

Looks kind of landscapy?

IDK what this is, but I don’t think they got very far in it. Looks rather unfinished if you ask me.

Plus the way it’s sort of carved out of the wall in the corner is… well.

That’s telling. Still, big tarp. Probably’ll throw that up into the huge alcove for space filler.

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