Lighting is a pain.

[copied from development journal]

Worked around the Island a bit tonight. The lake’s ebb and flow of glowing brightly and dimly is making things hard.

I’m going to have to bring in flood lights, maybe. Or, atleast, see about bringing in larger Vertigo Crystals for better light sources.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it in any of the journals so far- or maybe I did and forgot- but some of the crystals do glow.

Vertigo is so bright itself you can’t really SEE that normally, but I took a few small crystals with me this evening and-
Well- they make nice light sources, but the smaller they are the less light I get.

It’s a huge nightmare of a headache I’m going to have to work on more over time. I can’t rely on lake light for good visual atmosphere.

Why can’t the lake lighting be consistently Day-and-Night-y already?

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