Jalak Rulesets.

I codified some old Jalak Game Rulesets friends of mine made back in the day for uploading to a Jalak Game Repository website on GoArchivists. There may be a compile of a bunch of games into a book at some point, if that kind of thing gets ground.

Read below the cut to see the rulesets.

2-5 players.

Jalak is set up in a rising staircase pattern, with GREEN being ground level.
This is the “Start” Square. The stairs raise one column height step at a time, ascending, from there.
The stairs stop ascending when they loop around and reach the green start square again.
The CENTER PILLAR is raised to the same height or slightly higher than the now highest column.
Spawn one ORB ontop of it.
Shield is Active at All Times Barring Emergencies.

Players start on Green, taking turns to move forwards, aiming to reach the top of the stairs, so they may leap to central pillar.

If a Player dislodges the ORB, they win the game.

In a Turn: Players move forwards “One Plane,” with the ability to raise or lower any column in the path once, EXCLUDING the Central Pillar.

“One Plane,” Blocks in level with each other- IE: three squares that are level with each other is one plane, allowing faster progression across the board by said player.

Players are allowed to modify any square in the tower during their turn for the purposes of:
Blocking other players progression, setting up ones future progression, or aiding a fellow player.

Players are allowed to modify the board outside of their one turn if they fall off of the stairs, however:
Changes MUST be undone afterwards, and MUST NOT be done to hinder other players.

Shield may be deactivated in cases of emergency such as a pillar/shield sandwiching.

2-10 players.




The Four Corners are raised to medium height, with the rest of the field leveled flat.

The Four Corners are raised to maximum height, with the rest of the field leveled flat.

For a rare and highly dangerous 5X Showdown Combo:
Total of Five Torturer Roles Required for this mode.
Minimum number of 3 Tortured Players required.
The four corners are raised, along with the central pillar, to maximum height.
Rest of field is leveled flat.

The Central Column is raised to Maximum Height. All other planes leveled flat.
All Torturer Role Players are crowded onto this column.
Objects may be spawned.


There may be up to FOUR of the role “Torturer,” covering the four corners of the map.

Torturer Role is to peer down into the field, and modify the field at their whims- raising Columns to slowly fill in the field.

Players within the field are role “Tortured” and must climb the rapidly ascending pillars as the Torturer raises them.

Players within the field are DISALLOWED from modifying the field under non emergency circumstances.
If a Player falls off the field into a pit, and a Torturer CANNOT see their column to activate it:
Player is allowed to modify the field by raising their pitted platform until they can escape the pit.

In 1 on 1 Games:

The Tortured Player who reaches the Column top that the Torturer is on will ‘dethrone’ the Torturer to the floor, winning the game.
Winning player takes place as Torturer in next round, if next round is played.

In 3 player games:

1 torturer and 2 tortured players. First Tortured To Dethrone the Torturer Wins.
2 torturers, 1 tortured player. First Torturer to be dethroned is cast to the pit to play with a field reset. Winning Tortured takes place as Tortured.

In 4 player games:

2 or 3 Torturers, and 2 or 1 Tortured Players.
Torturers must take opposite corners from each other to cover full range of map.
Game resets when one Torturer is dethroned, winner is first Tortured Player to dethrone.

…Okay so you can see how this game scales up now, right? Time for the FUN ones.


Five Torturers. 3-5 Tortured Players.
Game Ends when 3 Torturers are Dethroned.
Tortured Players who succeed in Dethroning help their fellow Tortured Players succeed in dethroning.
Dethroned Torturers may now attempt to dethrone their own former Torturers, adding to the 3 Dethroned requirement.


1-5 Torturers Stand upon the central spire. 1-5 Tortured Players climb to the top.
Balanc Accordingly to amount of players. All players are encouraged to wear DRC Hard Hats.

Tortured Players are allowed to spawn Jalak objects upon the central column.
Players are allowed to attempt to use these blocks, where-ever they may land, to ascend to previously unreachable squares.

Win condition is that the first Tortured player to the top of the spire dethrones all Torturers.
Field will reset, all Tortured Players and Torturer Players swap roles for next round.

(Calum Traveler’s Patch Notes: STAIRS and TORTURE were developed by my friend group back in 2007/2008, most of us if not all of us neighbors of Uru Obsession’s Hood. LONG LIVE UO!
I’m not sure who of us created what at this point for the generic rule sets, and it was likely a group effort.
General Ruleset was standardized for Torture to allow for some edge cases.
HEEK mode and SPIRE mode for Torture were created by me for this ruleset compilation.)

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