Return To Vertigo

[Copied from Development Journal]

Thinking about visiting Vertigo again today. Check the structures.

See if the crystals grow more vibrantly after a long absence when presented with a link.

See if the books I left behind act as lightning rods.

Should be a simple enough trip.

Age seems Stable…Er. More Than it was before. No noticeable changes in Growth.

MAJOR noticeable changes in crystal textures near books and link points.

Crystals seem much more solid in appearance and not quite so…

Uh. Dimensionally Trancendental? Glass like? Utterly Transparent?

IDK, it was hard to describe before, and it didn’t PHOTOGRAPH well at all.

Still, I can see the growth seams on a lot of these crystals now,
where as before I could only really feel them.

SOoo. Yeah. Okay. Improvement.

Heck, even the lighting in here seems more stable, to a degree.

The metal supports I installed over the main link-in were…

Well. They were not quite looking right after getting grown over.
Now they look like the polished gold-bronze metal they were when going in.

Though, one of the landmass crystals does seem to have floated away a bit.
Probably wasn’t as anchored as I thought it was. Hrm.

After some more visiting back and forth, I think I can feel confident and say the Crystals…

Aren’t Reacting At All.

Is it just the proximity to the books like I’ve been testing?

Or did I stumble on something else?

No clue, not going to experiment further for now.

Insert saying about Gift Horses, ETC.

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