AGM summary. (and another long day)

The Guild of Messengers posted a summary of this month’s All Guilds Meeting.

A Halloween Party at the end of the month sounds fun. Not much else seems different par the usual announcements.

Went and did two Door Runs this morning. Called for them and everything. Was surprised the rust shook off that easily. Then again, I can still recite the usual Ahnonay spiel on demand when asked so- yay for muscle memory or whatever hah.

Spent a bunch of time today otherwise preparing for a trip out into the lake. Should be fun, I’d think, if I can get the time to get a boat down to the Lake. Then heading out into the lake itself… well. Undecided presently if I want to recruit help or not for that.

A solo trip seems inadvisable, but… eh. It may be the right call, I dunno.

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