Trying to Control Anxieties

War is a terrifying thought. Civil war even more so.

The Bahro Civil War circles my mind even as things on the surface rampantly escalate.

Is there an obvious solution? An obvious escape? War between two conflicting ideologies isn’t likely to end with some magical endsource silver bullet item. Even if we took out the leader of the Twisted Faction, that wouldn’t end their cause. It would just incense them to madness. To fighting more. Killing in revenge.

I worry about all of this, about the implications of everything. I just want out. I don’t want to deal with any of this. Not on the surface, not in the Cavern. I just. I want out of this timeline entirely. Can I get somewhere where I can just… live, peacefully? Without having to worry about who wants me dead?

The idealist in me wants to do what Ri’neref did. Make a new world. New Age. New Home. Find a way, make a home- funny, Yeesha. Very funny. Destruction is coming, but by Bahro War, or Mankind’s own failings?

“War. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing. “

I can’t help but be worried. Even if I could write a whole new age for people to live in… that doesn’t help stop the problems, does it?

End the war. End the conflict. What exactly do you want from us here, Dr. Watson?

What kind of solution are you after here? What keeps Yeesha going at this point? What are you all hoping for?

Is there anything, or is it just a vague hope?

I’m scared, is what I am. I’m not afraid to admit it, but I am scared. I’m scared, and I’m tired.

Even if we can end the Bahro war, what about on the surface? After a point, does it all become meaningless? Earth is burning itself up. The political climate is getting even hotter. How…

Escape seems like the most logical path to take. To what end, though? What kind of world can we create?

I almost wish Obduction weren’t just a game. Take me away now, giant space pinecones.

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