TL;DR: I’m worn out. It’s not even 12 pm and I’m worn out. too much stuff going on these days. Mild rant below the read more.

I’ve got so many things I’ve got to deal with and I hate getting saddled with more. too much to do, so little mental energy to focus on it.

Just give me a break already, Universe. I can’t even get up the energy to focus on things that I know’ll be relaxing or distracting right now.

I know it’s okay to have days like this. I know. I know that. But it doesn’t help that there’s stuff that *needs* to be done and certain people are pressuring me to do it because if I don’t it’ll wind up being a shouting match in the end.

Just. Why. Why do I have to be on the receiving end of this every time something goes wrong for someone else? Why am *I* being forced to take care of things that other people could just as easily take care of? I didn’t volunteer for this!! Not like I have with other things!

I’ve got too much to worry about as it is. Can people not add more to my shoulders? Please?

And here I am ranting about non Cavern related stuff in a blog ostensibly related to Cavern happenings. *SIGHS*

No sense putting off the inevitable.

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