Microsoft bought Bethesda and others. 7.5 Million. EDIT: I stand corrected. BILLION. 7.5 BILLION.

Can’t say I’m surprised. Even I was smelling blood on the water after everything that happened with FO76 and beyond the last few years. Atleast it wasn’t EA, or god forbid, Ubisoft.

Still bitter with them over the rights wrangling they did over the Myst games back in the day. Can you believe, dear future reader, that Myst 3 and 4 were unavailable to buy new for almost a decade until Cyan got the rights back for the 25th anniversary?

Yeah. Ubisoft. Blah.

Anyways, I’m not surprised at MSFT buying BGS and Friends. Am I happy? Ehhh. Not really, but I’m not upset either. Seems like this was coming a long time ago, tbh.

…Man, now I feel like Sharper making note of surface events in his cavern journal.

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