Vertigo Aftermath?

[copied from development journal, w/ added pictures]


A: That’s too many 20s.
B: Vertigo has spawned a MAZE, and it’s spawned one near the Pod replicas.
C: Said maze is in the shape of the Pod Portals.
D: Given the experiment the other night, I’m inclined to believe that this is not a coincidence.

Also, uh. Missing crystal sample seems to have been found. And Grown.

And OH.


Did it GROW.

It’s grown so much it’s over taken that little ‘loop’ section in the Pod Glyph.

I thiiink I have an idea of the where/how/why of things, but. UH.


Needless to say I’m pretty sure that Bahro Portals and Vertigo Crystals DO NOT MIX.

Also, the pod ‘maze’ is shifting colors, too. When I linked in, it was orange hued.
By the time I’d gotten there in person it’d gone transparent, and then settled on the light blue of the ground and the rest of the overgrown spikes.



In addition, the crystal cage around the main link in has begun growing massively again.

I’ve written about six more basic link in spots with normal linking books to give myself room to breathe.
Y’know. Just in case the danged main link-in ever gets fully overgrown.

Also, because, y’know, I need a faster way of traveling around this danged age.

I still foresee this to become a future issue. I need a way to stop these things from growing.

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