Metaphors intentional and not.

Surface life isn’t easy, a lot of the time. I don’t think anyone’s going to argue that point especially these days.

But it’s the metaphors that strike me out of nowhere that are contrasting.

I’ve alluded a few times to people that my family life isn’t going too well. That much is abundantly clear. A few specific people know what’s going on in greater detail, which I’m not really going into here, save that…

It’s ironic, seeing this age, Vertigo, respond to linking via growing large crystals in an overly uncontrolled way, and comparing to the issues my family is dealing with. There’s a metaphor there, rather unintentionally, that I’m dealing with two different cases of rampant uncontrolled growth. One that can’t be controlled, and one that I may have a chance of halting.

Vertigo isn’t meant to be a metaphor for that thing. Isn’t meant to be intentionally evoking that sort of fight. But here I am. An ailing family member on the Surface, and a giant age covered in crystals beneath it.

And yet, here we are. Thoughts reflecting in ways unintended, but poetic.

Is that the Art? Is that the Great Tree giving me an ironic echo of my life in my first great Age Writing Experiment?

I honestly can’t say one way or another. I honestly can’t understand the amount of potentials here.

Was it subconscious on my part? Did I sneak in something to the writing without realizing it?

And just because I may someday find a way to stop these crystals from growing, doesn’t mean I’m any closer to a cure for ‘That Dragon,’ as it were.

I honestly sit here and wonder, right now, what it is the future has in store. In one case I just hope things end quickly for everyones sake, and for another I want to find a way to stop the crystals from growing out of control.

What do I even do?

How do I process?

Loss in this case is inevitable, just the where and the when is what’s up for debate, with the how being narrowed to a few possibilities.

Vertigo. I suspect a dedication is also inevitable at this point. It just depends on what comes first.

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