Experiment Concerns

[Paraphrased from Development Journals]

The Crystals in Vertigo grow RAPIDLY when exposed to the area where someone Links in.

And I mean they GROW! Visibly!! It’s like they’re feeding on some background energy produced by a Link. Which, honestly is something I was hoping for, but even so, this might be uncontrollably energetic in its reactions.

So. I need to perform some experiments with this, and thank Yeesha for private instances. I’ll prepare something in Pod 13 with two recently harvested crystal samples- one placed near the portal, one placed near the plates. Nexus book removed to control variables.

I’ll rig up some cameras and record what happens when the portals come around, and when someone links through it.

I have to know before I do any more experiments with Vertigo’s crystals. How volatile can these things get?

Just what kind of age have I written?

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