P12: Let it Rain

[Copied from Development Journal]

Not the Bahro, the RAIN.

I left a camera up to keep an eye on things and I got an alert overnight.

The lava flow reopened, began pouring out again over the collapsed rock wall.

Then another thunderstorm rolled by. The sky took on an angry red hue and the rain fell from the heavens.

No Bahro scream this time. Just rain, and thunder. And that rain reacted with the lava. Footage shows it sizzling and flaring up as it was hit- then– nothing.

Just Molten Rock hardening in an instant. There’s a lot of steam that’s released, too.

What kind of chemical reaction is this??

Or, is it something else entirely?

I’ve got some water samples running through some analyzer device I’d gotten for the restoration work.

But just from putting it in… the water looks murky, contaminated?

Silt of some kind seems to be in it. Ash? I wish I was a chemist, I have no idea what any of this is.

And neither does the Machine. Unknown chemical makeup? Yeah. Cool. How does it not recognize water?

DOH. I am an idiot. Cue that one song’s rancorous laughter.

The other day someone pointed out to me that the ice crystals in Dereno formed FIVE SIDED crystals, rather than six.

This isn’t water as we KNOW IT on Earth. Not on this age. The chemical makeup is inherently something different from real water!

Five sided ice crystals. I have no idea what kind of chemical makeup could form such a bond, but it has to be combined with whatever is going on here specifically to cause a reaction like this.

I wish I was a chemist. hahah

Reviewing the footage, the sky turning red during these storms seems… ominously familiar?
Given surface events, the red color is LIKELY to do with some kind of atmospheric disturbance.
Ash or smoke seems likely, but it’s something that gets to reacting with the “water” in the sky…
Makes that red color? Then it falls and doesn’t seem to do anything to normal rock or wildlife, but-


Raw Molten Rock? Suddenly it’s like a solidifying agent. Quick set concrete, almost.

Nuts, is what this is.

I feel like this could come in handy if I can replicate it, somehow.

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