PERSONAL: What’s in a Name? A pun, evidently.

[Transcribed from Development Journal]

I think I’ve decided to name this sofar unnamed Crystal Age “Vertigo”

As in “I hope the vertigo isn’t so dangerous people have to sign a waiver!”

And yes, that is a riff on a song lyric.

So what? XP

Visited Pod 12 again this morning, much to my surprise, the lava flow has stopped.

Not just stopped, either, it’s been frozen solid as if shocked into submission. And the pool of magma? Similar story here. Which sucks because now I’ll have to find a new means of powering everything. No more Geo-thermal power for this Pod.

It’s astonishing, though. What should have taken weeks to months to cool down is now practically done overnight.

Did the Bahro do this? If so, why?? I looked around for any signs of them, even stupidly called out once or twice…


I just hope whatever they did is permanently keeping this place from exploding and isn’t building up pressure underground.

Or if it is, may it take another thousand years before things erupt.

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