Personal: TMP Visit

Went to The Meeting Place this morning, hung out with some familiar faces.

Was nice to have some relaxing time after the earlier excitement, that’s for sure.

[Copied from Development Journal]

“Want some advice, walker? Never wait around to find out what made a horrible noise!”

Went to Pod 12 this morning while wearing the Yeesha shirt to check on the Lava flow, found the place as expected, lava still active, etc…

All’s normal, right? Right. Well, Save for the low rumble of thunder.

Thunder? A storm in this place? Didn’t know it happened, but it’s been years since I last kept tabs on this place’s weather patterns.

So, I heeded that advice and didn’t stick around for long. But I DID stick around long enough to spot what could’ve been a Bahro hiding just on the edge of the waterfall feeding the pond.

I got out of there mighty fast, heard the Bahro crying out as I linked away.

Freaky. Wonder if it called up the storm or not.

This brings up some concerns with restoring the place at all.

I’d been assuming the Bahro had abandoned occupying this age after the War went elsewhere. Is this one just a Watcher? One of the ones left behind by Yeesha’s side that are observing and keeping an eye on things? Is it a Twisted one? Neutral??

Why is there a Bahro here? Is it just passing through?

…I’m definitely wary of going up into that upper cave now, that’s for sure.

If I carry on I may have to put up some warning signs to not go in there and-

OH who am I kidding some explorer is going to traipse up there somehow, aren’t they?

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