First Link to Unnamed Crystal Age


I’ve officially finished writing in everything that should make this crystal age viable for living in…

I’ve had Doobes take a look at it…

It’s time to link.

Neon Icecream headache is an apt name, honestly. The color scheme here is… interesting to say the least.

What appear to be two suns, but honestly could just as well be distant clouds of a neon like gas burning away.

Crystal Spikes surround the link-in point, though they don’t photograph well, if at all.
Something’s off about the light refraction? Might just be the time of day for all I know.

The clouds and fog are vaguely blue hued, with the sky itself some sharp shade of pink. Distant crystal masses hover close-enough by that I can see their shapes cutting outlines in the sky.

Speaking of floating crystal masses, everything here is one! Even that distant volcano shape over there…

BUT WOW, ARE THERE A LOT OF THEM. Seriously, this whole cluster seems like a densely packed set of crystals.

Is there some kind of magnetic pull between them?

No, if they’re what I think they should be, they might be held together by the sheer description of the words in the book.

Some of them seem reactive to my presence- the ones near the link-in shift color a little if I will them to, but they bounce back shortly.

Stubborn? But still, proof enough they’ve got vaguely shape-shifting qualities, which is what I want.

The largest chunks seem the most resistent to change.

There’s a tiny little gemstone about the size of my head bopping around the ground that I picked up and was able to easily cycle through some colors.

Perfect. This might just be exactly what I need for my linking tech experiments.
If these things can channel destination information…

Experiments for later.

Gravity feels earth normal, but I’m not taking damage after long falls. Some kind of paradox?

Or it could just be the Gahreesen effect kicking in.

I’ve found a place where I have four shadows. And people thought Minkata was overkill.

This Caldera is certainly pretty spot on to the Cleft. But it’s not just the Caldera. There’s a miniature structure that…

It looks like the Great Shaft almost, with some little side tunnel sticking off the end. Honestly, what the heck?

There’s nothing I wrote in that channeled that!

I suppose I’m lucky I linked when I did before it vanished from the whirling sea of posibility, BUT STILL!


Beyond that there’s a lot of suspiciously large round objects around here reminding me of the Pods.

Now THAT I did write in, even if up until now I havent seen it with my own eyes. (Danged panel never turned this way at all!)

I copied a bit of terrain visuals from Pod 12 when I was writing, so the area that matches that isnt surprising.

What is are those distant arrangement of spheres that look like the portal pods. Geez.

….AAAND I FELL. Trying to get to those pods wasn’t an easy task, and geeze. What a fall.

Skydivers are going to have a blast here. I’m already itching to make some marker missions of my own.

…yeah, from this angle I can tell that’s not a sun. Some kind of distant glowing gas cloud, for sure.
Neither of them hold their shape like a sun would, and don’t hurt my eyes either.

Still. Dang. Not bad, Calum, Not bad at all.

That’s enough for tonight, I’d say.

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