Talked with Briggs in CB Hood.

Had a talk with briggs, nothing serious came up, just talking shop. And I forgot to run a chatlog anyways, so. Yeah. Setting this in personal rather than Cavern News.

[Transcribed from Pod 12 Development Journal]

Had a talk with Briggs in Cool Buddy’s hood this morning. We talked shop about restoring things. He was working on a hood imager, trying to get it to work, among the other pressing issue of his hood’s fountain being clogged.

Old pipes, what can you do?

We then commiserated over KI errors- such as Pod 12’s transponder giving me the wrong Age location data- and other things.

I mentioned I was thinking of scrounging up one of the old DRC hood cameras for recording the Pod Portals in Payiferen.

Not much to really cover, got a lot of family stuff to deal with today too.


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