Pod 12 Linking Book Thoughts.

[Post quoted from Development Journal]

I made progress in writing the Crystal Age book a bit. Still debating a proper name. Probably going to put it to a vote.

Won’t finalize the name until I get to the end of writing and link through.

Still, its given me some good insight into what passages in the Pod Linking Books are most likely the Descriptive Book quotes. It looks like I was right and wrong on some fronts.

Interestingly, it looks like I was mostly right in that the descriptions of the pods themselves were mostly identical, save for the critical difference that the writers seemed to fill in a blank, and put in the number of the pod itself in some places.

AND thats in addition to the fact that the description of the Pods is much larger than I thought, and those identical passages that were somewhat out of order? Yeah. That’s all Pod Description. Windows, sound generators. Power Supply??

Everything describing the pod structure is quoted across the books with minor differences.

I… guess that’s one way to do it. And it’s no wonder they’re all standardized in the Relto versions. It was probably fairly easy to make a formula for these four books.

It looks like the outside area descriptions are the ones pulled out of the Descriptive Book, and those are the wildly uncommon areas??

I can only imagine how thoroughly the Age Writer made the Descriptive Book to describe this world to get into this much detail alone for the copied passages in the normal linking books.

Still, that gives me insight into the original Pod 12 linking book that I’ve got.

Looks like it was an oasis observation point in the D’ni’s time, with visible signs of idle, inactive geothermal volcanic activity, much like the Cleft, I suppose.

Seeing how things are heating up now, quoting those descriptions to the new Linking Book may cause me issues. I might have to free-hand it a bit.

Who knows what that’ll do to the actual end result link though.


No. Thinking on it a direct quote from Pod 12’s book is almost certainly the way to go.

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